What do the symbols on the bottom of the plastic bottles mean?
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What do the symbols on the bottom of the plastic bottles mean?

Containers for spice, mineral water bottles, plastic containers for food, pots … can see the products made from plastic are very popular on the market today. With cheap prices, diverse designs, eye-catching colors … this is the reason that many consumers choose products made from this material to use in their families.

For each different product, they are made from a single plastic manufacturer. If you notice, you will see at the bottom of the bottle, the food box will have triangular symbols with arrows. In the middle of the triangle is a specific number so that consumers can identify what kind of plastic is it, safe for health? However, few people even notice and find out what the meaning of these symbols is?

In the article below, Network Administrator will help you answer the symbols at the bottom of plastic bottles for you to choose when to use.

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1. Number 1 – PET plastic or PETE

PET plastic or PETE

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a very common plastic on the market today. You will see these types of plastic used to hold liquid foods such as: soda bottles, mineral water bottles, soft drinks, beer, sauce bottles, fruit juice bottles, etc.

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ASTM), products made from PET plastic should be used only once and should not be recycled because they can penetrate into food and drinking water. good for your family.

When using products made from PET, you should note that they should not be put in cars, near gas stoves, in the sun … because when exposed to high temperatures, this plastic can deform, produce The poison is toxic to humans.

2. Number 2 – HDP or HDPE plastic

HDP or HDPE plastic

If consumers want to be safe, consumers should choose products made from HDB (High Density Polyethylene) plastic. This plastic is considered by experts to be the best of all plastics because of its high strength, good impact resistance, less deformation and scratches. Special HDP resins can withstand temperatures of 120oC for a short time or 110oC for a longer time.

3. Number 3 – PVC

PVC plastic

PVC is a soft, flexible and easy to fabricate. However, this product contains many toxic chemicals such as phtalates and bisphenol A, these compounds have a significant impact on consumer health such as hormonal destruction, even cancer and many types of pathologies. other dangers.

Therefore, when choosing products made from plastic, you should avoid products made from this type of plastic. Especially toys for children, because children often love sucking on toys.

Limit the use of plastic wrap, especially when not hot. Absolutely do not use real wrap when spinning in a microwave to warm up. This is an extremely dangerous action to health.

4. Number 4 – LDPE (low-density polyethylene plastic)

LDPE (low-density polyethylene plastic)

This type of plastic is often used in the manufacture of plastic bags, some types of dry-cleaning bags, plastic packaging, bakery bags, newspaper, frozen foods or carton boxes for milk carton.

This type of plastic, after being used, can be reused many times. However, they should be avoided at high temperatures such as microwaves.

5. Number 5 – PP plastic

PP plastic

PP (polypropylene) is an extremely safe plastic material and is widely applied in today’s life. This type of plastic is recommended by experts for health safety and is the material that is allowed to make toys for children.

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6. No. 6 – PS / PS-E (polystyrene resin / expanded polystyrene)

Polystyrene resin / expanded polystyrene

Products such as fast food containers, drinking glasses, egg cans and picnic tables and knives or food packaging, helmets are products made from PS plastic.

These are cheap and lightweight plastic, they can withstand considerable heat and cold. However, when at high temperatures they can create toxins that affect health.

Number 7 – PC plastic or no symbol

Plastic PC or no notation

This is considered to be the most unique of the above.

They are toxic, but they are still applied to many products you use every day such as large bottles of water, juice bottles, tomato sauce bottles, glasses, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, boxes instant noodles, various household appliances, cars and even baby bottles.

As well as PVC, the No. 7 boss plastic products contain the active ingredient Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a toxic substance that can cause infertility, diabetes and cancer.

Summary table of 7 numbers in plastic identification code

Summary table of 7 numbers in plastic identification code

What kind of plastic should be used

Hopefully, with the above sharing, readers have useful information and know how to choose and use reasonable plastic products.


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