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What do people use expensive computers like Mac Pro? Mac Pro 2019 vs 2013

What do people buy like workstations like Mac Pro? Making movies, making pictures, playing games pikachu … then what else do you do? Why does a computer cost $ 5999? Isn't the Mac Pro 2013 still running well? Please take a look at the differences between the two computer lifetimes, in the process you will better understand the use of hardware components, then we will learn about the actual application.
We try to go through the highest configuration that you can buy from these two machines

Not only newer in pure indicators, the newer generation Intel CPU usage and the new generation GPU also help improve performance and power consumption significantly. From 2013 until now it has been 6 years, during which time the CPU has taken very long steps through adjusting microarchitecture, reducing transistor size and adding many support functions such as AI, enhancing SSDs. , improve signal transmission between parts of the computer … These alone are worthwhile, let alone increase multipliers, increase RAM, increase SSD.

Equipping newer CPUs with more core makes Mac Pro 2019 run better heavy applications, especially software that makes use of multi-threaded and multi-core capabilities. Adobe Premier tools, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, data processing script commands, 3D drawing and engineering applications … are typical names for making good use of multi-core capabilities. The greater the benefit when you use older applications that need multiple CPU cores and are not able to use GPUs to "power".

And when you use things like browsing the web, playing Facebook, opening email to view and reply to emails. Simple photo editing … then you will not see the difference because these things are only 1-2 people at the same time is all. Maybe they will use multi-threading, but they don't see much faster if you're compared to machines like the MacBook Pro, Mac Mini …

Speaking of RAM, the old Mac Pro 2013 configured basically only 16GB while this new one is 32GB, not to mention if you increase the max configuration then you get up to 1.5TB, a terrible big number and also great price equally terrible. The Mac Pro 2013 also uses the old RAM standard of DDR3 1.866MHz, while the Mac Pro 2019 is DDR4 2,933MHz, which means that both has improved bandwidth, power consumption level and upgrade speed. You can read more here for details of the difference between DDR4 and DDR3.

Things to know about DDR4 RAM: faster, more power saving, bigger capacity

Apple also added that if you don't use the 28-core Xeon W and shift down to 24-core, the Mac Pro 2019 can also get up to 2TB RAM, but then you have to buy 3rd party RAM bars but also "Firm's RAM optimization process" set a limit of 1.5TB only.

The speed of SSDs using the PCI Express NVMe standard on the 2019 Mac Pro is of course much faster than in the past because Apple has continually refreshed the SSD and the controller controls the read and write data. Currently the SSD speed of MacBook and MacBook Pro is also very fast compared to the market average. The same amount of capacity as 256GB or 1TB of Mac Pro 2019 will be much faster than 2013. The faster the number of details, the more you have to wait for the machine to sell.

GPUs alone are a big step forward

Finally the GPU. GPUs are not only for graphics processing, not just for gaming, in the "prosumer" world, it can do even more. The basic configuration of the Mac Pro 2019 uses the same Radeon Pro 580X GPU in the 2019 iMac, but if you're willing to pump up Radeon Pro Vega II it will be better.

But the new Mac Pro GPUs are quite interesting because it's placed in a module that Apple calls "MPX Module" – short for Mac Pro Expansion Module. It has its own Thuderbolt port and each module has a 500W power supply for the GPU to operate, along with a large heatpipe (but no fan because Apple wants to keep the noise low, it will share 3 large fans of Mac Pro box on the back).

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For each MPX module, you can configure 1 or 2 Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs, and 1 Mac Pro can mount up to 2 modules. In total, you can mount up to 4 GPUs in one case, then the machine will run with 256 cores, 128GB vRAM and then the 2013 Mac Pro smells the smoke.

For comparison, the 2013 Mac Pro only has 2 AMD FirePro D500, 3GB vRAM per card, and the advanced version only reaches 2 FirePro D700s with 6GB vRAM per GPU.

What do people use Mac Pro for?

When it comes to powerful configuration computers, people often think that the machine will play good games. Yes, but in addition to playing the game, there are many other professional jobs that also require a strong configuration of this Mac Pro to run quickly. Here are some examples I've ever seen.
The video is a set of frames, the speed per second is about 30 frames, 60 frames or even 120 frames per second. Handling a heavy image, handling dozens of pictures per second for tens of minutes (or even a few hours) of video is extremely costly to handle.

During the edit video, temporarily divided into 2 main stages of editing and exporting. The editing requires a strong GPU because at that time you can see the color correction, effects, frame insertion … smoothly, otherwise the preview video will be very jerky. Mac Pro with 2 or even 4 Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs will help a lot. This is also the reason why Windows workstation machines are equipped with similar GPUs.

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According to Apple, the new Mac Pro 2019 has 2.9 times better video rendering performance than Mac Pro 2013

When exporting video is when you need a lot of CPU, because that is when the CPU processes, synthesizes the image frame, performs compression algorithms … to render the result file. The more powerful the CPU is, the higher the number of cores, the shorter the waiting time for video output (but not always multiple cores are good because each core has to be strong to pull together). There are now many video editing software also taking advantage of GPU to speed up (GPU acceleration), so the stronger the GPU, the faster the task will run. It is no coincidence that every Mac Pro or workstation is geared towards Intel Xeon chips instead of just using Core i as usual.

On the Mac Pro Apple there is the option of Afterburner, a hardware acceleration card with 1 million logic cells and can handle 6.3 billion pixels per second, allowing users to edit up to 3 8K ProRes RAW video streams or 12 streams 4K ProRes RAW at the same time.

The same applies to those who work in the profession to interact with technical drawings, 3D models and buildings, architecture, engines … These things are only open on the computer. made the machine slow down.

2. Extract and process data

With a large amount of data, using only 1 thread to calculate will make the job last longer, instead the programmer can code to 4 threads, 8 threads or even more to handle the data in parallel. After processing everything in each stream, the data will be aggregated to produce the final result. Moving from 4 threads to 8 threads can save time up to 30p compared to the tasks that you usually perform. This improvement is awful, and when you run on your MacBook, that's how it is, on Mac Pro 2019 you can guess how much better it is.

3. Train AI models

For example, with the AI ​​feature outside of the Home page Refined to use, due to extremely large input data (your post and commemt data are included in this model – model -), the training for guessing machine Any forum content is a very hard work. Running on personal computers is almost impossible or very slow (all day is done), only the water can be trained on the server with very high configuration and must use more GPU to speed up to temporarily fast.

If you have a Mac Pro, testing, modifying and training your sister data model will become much easier, no longer have to sit the model watcher, no longer have to wait long to refine the model his prediction.

It should be added that the current AI train libraries are supporting GPU of NVIDIA more and better than AMD. But that is changing gradually and then libraries will run well on both companies' GPUs because of the open nature as well as the rise of AMD in the professional market.

I find that you can assemble or buy workstations for modeling, or buy NVIDIA more.

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4. Programming app

Whether you write an Android or iOS app, it's highly likely that you have to test the app on multiple devices at the same time, for example, I often have to open an iPhone virtual machine and an iPad virtual machine on the Mac to test the app. At that time, the machine sounded like a cow and was much slower than usual.

With the powerful Mac Pro configuration of GPU, RAM and high-speed SSD, this step will be easier to breathe, smoother dev experience and better results. The time to build a complete app before posting to the store is also shorter.

If you are an iOS app, you should only use Mac, and you can only do Android apps, Win or Mac.

Duy Luân

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