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What are you waiting for next week's Apple event?

On Tuesday Tuesday (at 0 am on Vietnamese time 4) Apple will hold a new product launch event, and the focus of the September event is no different from the new iPhone. In addition, we may also see Apple Watch, Apple Tag and a series of new software officially appear. Let's take a look at what we can expect at next week's event.
The protruding camera will almost certainly appear on the iPhone 11, whether you like it or not This will be the most recognizable feature of this year's iPhone but not in appearance. You can expect the iPhone 11's Face ID to be better, we have more wireless charging for AirPods with the iPhone and more powerful video editing capabilities.

Who wants to see more details about the iPhone, then go to iPhone 2019 article will be interesting? How does it compete against rivals like Note 10, Mate 30?

The name of this phone line will be iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, based on recent rumors.

And do not forget that we will also have a replacement model for the "mid-range" iPhone XR again okay brothers. The XR is an iPhone that has a pretty good price for what it offers, and I know many of my friends are happy with the XR even though they have the ability to buy the XS.

New Apple Watch?

We don't hear much about the fifth-generation Apple Watch right now, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that Apple will launch a new version of this smartwatch alongside the iPhone event. The Apple Watch is now selling very well, which is a good time for the company to launch a new model both to attract more money and to make a brand and make more people pay attention to the Apple Watch. Like previous models, we can expect the Apple Watch Series 5 to focus heavily on health functions, improved connectivity and stand-alone performance, as well as increasing battery life. It is said that the new Apple Watch also has a health monitoring function.

Also don't expect Apple Watch Series 5 to make a drastic innovation in design because the Apple Watch Series 4 did that last year. : D

Apple Tag

Most likely Apple will introduce a Bluetooth tracking tag, this is a small hook you can hook into a key, bag … and use your phone to find it when it is lost. A piece of code in iOS 13 has suggested that this device is highly likely to appear, and does not exclude that the iPhone will allow you to use the camera to scan virtual space and find your device.

Loading apple_tag.png.jpeg ...

New Apple TV hardware

It's been a while since Apple upgraded its Apple TV, and hopefully this year we'll see an Apple TV with an Apple A12 processor to play Apple Arcade games.


I know many of you will look forward to this. iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6 and new software for HomePod will be officially launched at next week's event. Then about 1-2 days or a maximum of 7 days is Apple will release it for current users, that is only about 1 week before you can experience the new iOS.

It is also possible that macOS 10.15 will be announced officially at the event next week.

As for MacBook Pro 16 ", I guess Apple will introduce it in October in a separate event, but they will not launch too many new devices at the same time to clear public opinion about the iPhone.

Next week you guys look forward to livestream with Delicate.

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