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What are the senior Apple officials that day?

The picture above is a photo of the group of Apple leaders in 2007, taken shortly after the launch of the first iPhone. From left to right respectively: Phil Schiller, Tony Fadell, Jony Ive, Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall and Eddy Cue. Currently only Schiller and Cue are still working at Apple.

They are people who contribute to Apple's development and also contribute directly to the creation of familiar products like Mac, iPod or iPhone. Now there are a lot of internal changes in the company, most recently the departure of design director Jony Ive, who has worked for Apple for the past 20 years.

Phil Schiller is still at Apple, the senior vice president of global marketing

Schiller has been working for Apple since 1997, meaning more than 22 years, the same year as Steve Jobs's return when Apple is struggling. He played an important role in reviving Apple from a boring company into a giant. Schiller has played numerous roles in the creation and marketing of company products, including iMac and iTunes.

However, among them, iPod is a product that he is most proud of. He came up with the idea of ​​a control wheel, instead of having to press the navigation buttons hundreds of times a day to select music. When he submitted this idea to the iPod design team, Jobs shouted, "That's right, it is!" And then the Apple engineering team started researching this idea right away. Currently Schiller holds a very high position and often appears in Apple product launch events.

Tony Fadell left Apple in 2008 for "personal reasons".

Tony Fadell originally started at Apple as a contractor. But in the late 1990s, he tried to open his own electronic company called Fuse, but was financially defeated. In 2001, Apple brought Fadell back to help with the iPod design, in April of that year, he became the senior manager of the iPod project and other "special projects".

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Fadell caught the eye of Steve Jobs right from the first time he worked together, thanks to his idea of ​​online music store, and you also know how Apple Music currently plays a role in revenue for Apple. and know. In 2006, Fadell replaced Jon Rubinstein as Senior Vice President for the iPod project. However unexpectedly two years later, he left Apple for "personal reasons". After leaving the company, Fadell traveled around the world to see and explore the energy-saving problems of households.

While in Paris, he is said to be developing a business project that later became Nest Labs, the company he founded with a former Apple employee, Matt Rogers. He then led Nest for 6 years, then left the company and worked as president of an investment company named Future Shape, advising engineers and scientists in technology.

Jony Ive left the company in June 2019 – Design Director for Apple

Called exactly Sir Jonathan "Jony" Ive. In 1992, Apple made an offer to invite Ive a job at the company's design department. Then, in 1996, Ive became the leader of Apple's design team, but he said that at that time he was not very happy. The reason is easy to understand that at the time, Apple was not led by Steve Jobs, the company focused on how to get the highest profit, not focus on creating a perfect product.

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Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the two met, and the brains and ideas met each other. Jon Rubinstein said that Ive and Jobs often had lunch together and Steve Jobs often spent the end of the day going to the design studio to talk to Ive. Most Apple devices have a lot of contributions from these two people: iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Ive also are responsible for designing the Apple Park campus. Jobs and Ive are not just colleagues, or friends, they are close friends, anyone who works with them at that time recognizes.

After Jobs died in 2011, Ive remained in charge of Apple's chief design, but his enthusiasm didn't seem as big as it used to be. Ive often absent from the company and usually only appears at the company a bit, twice a week. On June 27, Apple officially announced his departure to establish his own company called Love From. Apple will still be the company's first customer. Ive said that the name LoveFrom is also inspired by Steve Jobs, that create products with love and care, even if we never even meet our buyers.

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. Did not overcome the cancer of evil monsters

To talk about what he brought to Apple, it must be a lost book. Steve Jobs with Steve Wozniak are the two people who have built Apple since they were just a company in a family garage. He developed Apple until 1985, then was kicked out of his own company due to his lack of trust in the board because of his outspoken nature. The person who replaced him as CEO is John Sculley, who is also the person Steve Jobs brought himself to the company from Coca-Cola.

After leaving Apple, he founded NeXT Computer, along with a number of Pixar-related projects, … Apple in that period became difficult, and Jobs returned in 1997 to create a big boost. When he returned, Jobs was only named for the "provisional" CEO of Apple, but eventually he became the official CEO of his former company.

A decade later, Jobs and his team painted Apple 's history with iPods, iTunes, iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Air – the laptop that was introduced dropped into a package at the time. . In 2003, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; however, he refused to rely on medicine for a long time. He died in 2011 and became an immortal monument of Apple.

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Scott Forstall – left Apple in 2013 after failing in the Apple Maps project in iOS 6

Forstall met Jobs in 1992 when they worked at NeXT Computer. After both came to Apple, Forstall was responsible for designing the Mac user interface, as well as helping design the Safari web browser.

Then he became an important spearhead in the iOS project. Forstall created the SDK – Software Development Kit for iPhone, which helps third-party developers create applications on the iPhone. And he is also responsible for creating the App Store. Many people believe that Forstall can replace Jobs's position.

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After Jobs died in 2011, Forstall continued to lead the iOS array, but then got into a lot of controversy when Apple decided to replace Google Maps with a homegrown application. After those troubles, he left Apple in 2013. He did not appear in the press much later, spent a lot of time traveling, advising startups, and doing charity work.

Eddy Cue still works at Apple – Senior vice president of network software and services

Eddy joined Apple in 1989, at the time, he was the software manager and led the customer care team for the company.

After a few years, Cue helped Apple create some important platforms such as the App Store, iTunes Store and iLife suite like iBooks, iMovie. He also makes iCloud more important in Apple's ecosystem, and is the one who suggested the company to create a mini version of the iPad.

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Currently he oversees platform software services for Apple such as Music, Maps, Apple Pay, iCloud, iTunes Store and many other services.

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