What are the items of maintenance for level 1 cars?

What are the items of maintenance for level 1 cars?

Car care is divided into different levels of car maintenance, with level 1 being the first, most basic level of maintenance and also the most important.

What is level 1 car maintenance?

According to car maintenance experience shared by experts, car maintenance grades are divided by the number of kilometers the vehicle has traveled. After the vehicle has operated for 5,000km, the vehicle owner will need to bring the vehicle to level 1 maintenance. Level 1 is the most basic level of maintenance for cars. For this level, the maintenance staff will conduct an inspection of the main vehicle components. However, owners should not ignore level 1 maintenance, as it can help owners detect problems early on. In addition to level 1, there are other levels of maintenance that increase with the number of kilometers the vehicle has operated.

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Cars need maintenance after 5,000km

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Class 1 car maintenance items

The first item in level 1 car maintenance is car cleaning. Car cleaning includes the following stages: cleaning and vacuuming inside the car compartment; car wash; rearranging furniture inside the vehicle compartment; clean the trunk. This cleaning will help the interior as well as the outer shell of the car be more durable. Besides, it also helps car owners more relax when controlling a tidy and clean car.

The next item is the oil test. This liquid is extremely important to vehicle performance, so owners need to check their quantity every 5,000km of operation. Open the storage tanks to check the power steering oil, pump oil, transmission oil, engine oil, bridge oil, high pressure pump oil … If these oils are exhausted, add new oil immediately. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the oil still in the vehicle has any deposits, impurities or not. For oil that is too dirty, deposits and impurities must be replaced with new oil.

Check out car parts

The next item is cleaning the filters, filters and air filters. After a period of operation, these parts may become residue, so need to be cleaned before the vehicle can continue operating. The vehicle’s fluid pipes should also be checked. This check helps detect leaks early, preventing liquid leaks too much leading to exhaustion.

The grease nipples on the handlebars, apple joints or ball bearings will be grease pumped for smoother operation. If the entire cover, seals, gaskets are damaged or the grease is spilled, the owner should replace it or fix the fault immediately. Generator belts should also be checked to ensure tension. In addition, the air ducts of the air conditioning system and the blower ways must be checked and cleaned if too dirty.

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After completing the above checks, the next maintenance item will be carried out, which is inspection and tightening. Vehicle details such as bolts, nuts of capo cap, shock absorber, guide system, car water tank legs … should be checked for split pins and locking pins. If the pins are worn out and too loose, they should be replaced immediately. For bolts, nuts that are responsible for holding important parts such as gearbox, two bridges, machines …, it is necessary to check and tighten them so that they are not loose.

Tighten the bolts

The final item is to check and adjust the working modes of the car. Firstly, pumps such as high-pressure pumps, fuel pumps, car injectors should be checked. If these parts are not operating in the wrong working mode for the vehicle, it should be adjusted to be accurate. After that, the owner of the vehicle should check and clean the fuel tank.


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In addition to critical oils, at service level 1, check coolant and battery water as well. If you see something is wrong, it should be supplemented and replaced. Generators, starter switches, relays … are also among the parts that need to be checked and adjusted in working mode. If any damage occurs, it should be replaced immediately.

Calibration of vehicle parts

The brake system also plays an important role in ensuring the safety of cars. Checking and adjusting the brake system, the light system, the wiper system … are the last items before finishing the periodic level 1 car maintenance.

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