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What are the best sniper guns in Call of Duty Warzone?

You want to improve the win rate in Call of Duty Warzone and want to know which is the best sniper of the game? Warzone currently has only three snipers, but the game actually has more if you mod the marksman guns like Kar98k and EBR-14. This article will compare five options to let you know which are the best snipers in Warzone. There are many factors to consider, including the accessories you want to equip your sniper rifle, as well as your confidence in flying time, as well as peek skills. The article will analyze a lot of things to help you choose the sniper that suits your play style. While there is a lot of controversy between HDR and ARX-50, we will discover which one is better and which scenario to use.


Here are the best sniper guns in Warzone:
  • ARX-50
  • HDR
  • Kar98k
  • SKS
  • Dragunov
  • EBR-14


This is one of the Warzone snipers capable of knocking down opponents with only one bullet in the head, making it a reliable sniper if used. Hit the first bullet, you have the advantage of 3vs2 immediately. ARX-50 differs from HDR in one key way: magazine time. If caught in prolonged gun scenes, the ARX-50 can run out of ammunition faster than at least 2 rounds. If you know how to play, ARX50 can make a difference in a difficult sniper match, or clean up the entire opponent. Its drawback is that the bullet time flies slower than HDR, so you need to calculate the bullet drop and the ability of the opponent to move better. Here are the best accessories for ARX-50 in Warzone:
  • Monolithic Suppressor (if you like guerrilla type)
  • Tac Laser
  • Signuard Arms Assassin
  • 32.0 ″ Factory Barrel
  • Forcus
  • Stippled Grip Tape
Note: you can attach a thermal scope if you want to detect the translator more easily


This is the strongest sniper in Warzone and also gives me the ability to finish the opponent with a bullet in the head. HDR is strong at super-long range – with the right equipment, you can mod this sniper so that bullets fly to your subject almost instantly and there is no bullet drop. In most situations, the distance advantage doesn’t really help you much, but it can make HDR a bit easier to use. Here are the equipment you would like to bring:
  • Monolithic Suppressor (if you like a guerrilla type, you can’t replace it with a thermal scope if you want to detect the translator more easily)
  • 26.9 ″ HDR Pro
  • Tac Laser
  • Forcus
  • FTAC Stalker-Scout


Kar98k is much underestimated by many gamers. But Kar98k still deals great damage to the enemy and if you have the ability to aim well, it is still possible to finish the opponent with a bullet in the head. Besides, it is also one of the best quick-scope guns in the game. Therefore, if you confidently shoot a sniper at close range, you will realize its flexibility as well as its lethal ability. Here are the equipment you want to attach to this marksman:
  • Tac Laser
  • Singuard Custom 27.6 ”
  • Sniper Scope
  • FTAC Sport Comb
  • Stippled Grip Tape


Best sniper in Warzone SKS is considered to be the semi-automatic marksman Rifle and is the best sniper thanks to the recoil which is easier to control, and possesses more diverse equipment. The following are the recommended articles for SKS:
  • Monolithic Suppressor (if you like guerrilla type, you can’t replace it with Ranger Foregrip if you want to control the gun easier)
  • Sawed-off Stock
  • PU Scope
  • 22 ″ FSS M59 / 66
  • Tac Laser


Best sniper in Warzone More dangerous than EBR-14, but harder to use at closer distances. Dragunov is underestimated in mid-range gunfights, but overall, it’s only slightly weaker than EBR-14. Here is the equipment for the Dragunov gun:
  • Monolithic Suppressor (if you like a guerrilla type, you can’t replace it with a thermal scope if you want to detect the translator more easily)
  • 660mm Extended Barrel
  • 20-Round Mags
  • FTAC Stalker-Scout
  • Forcus


Best sniper in Warzone EBR-14 is more futuristic in Warzone, being used as a disruptive gun at a distance rather than sniper as a sniper, it does a steady amount of damage. The rapid fire rate makes destroying the opponent’s armor very easy – however, it is difficult to kill him in the same magazine. The following is the equipment for EBR-14:
  • FORGE TAC Precisions 22.0 ″
  • Any reticle can be customized to your liking
  • FSS Raider Chassis Pro
  • Monolithic Suppressor (if you like guerrilla type)
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Tac Laser
You will wonder what about MK2 Carbine? Well, the author wants to let you know that this is the best gun in Multiplayer, even better than the sniper above. But in Warzone, it’s best to choose a different password if you don’t want to fall into depression. Hope this article will help you get the perfect setup and win more. If you choose a class with a sniper, you should add an Overkill perk and take with SMG or Assault Rifles to ensure a higher success. Alternatively, you can hold the pistol and use Ghost perk if desired. You can read more articles instructing Warzone here:

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