What are the advantages of a handheld industrial vacuum cleaner? Which model is worth choosing
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What are the advantages of a handheld industrial vacuum cleaner? Which model is worth choosing

Is handheld vacuum cleaner good?

Outstanding advantages of handheld industrial vacuum cleaners

Different from the model industrial cleaner machine factories, handheld industrial vacuum cleaners specifically designed for household cleaning and cleaning with many outstanding features, including:

– The device is designed with compact size, light weight, so users can easily go to many different cleaning locations.

– The machine is connected to the suction wire and small nozzle so it can crept into every corner as deep as the table, chair, … or places in the small slot in the car.

Features that attract users of genuine handheld vacuum cleaners

– Like other industrial vacuum models, these handheld models are manufactured on a modern, rugged assembly line; Constructed from good materials so it is durable, less damaged.

– Not only does it blow away any dirt, but it also helps remove pet hair or hair particles or stick to the sofa that is invisible to the naked eye.

– Users only need to invest a small amount to own this useful product.

With the outstanding advantages above, surely helped you answer the question Should you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner? yes. Do not hesitate any longer without buying for your family a useful device!

What is the best handheld vacuum cleaner model today?

The vacuum cleaner market is becoming more and more exciting, making it difficult for users to choose genuine handheld vacuum cleaners with good quality. So, please select one of the 3 models below.

Genuine hand-held vacuum cleaner Bosch BHN20110

Bosch BHN20110 possesses high working power, operating continuously for 16 minutes

Bosch BHN20110 is one of the products included in top handheld vacuum cleaner The best on the market today. With a smart design, this handheld vacuum cleaner has a large suction capacity that can reach up to 300ml of dust thanks to its NiMH 20.4V battery. Using Air Clean technology and HEPA filter to quickly get rid of dirt, giving you the cleanest space.

Portable vacuum cleaner Black & Decker PAV1205

Besides, Bosch BHN20110, the Black & Decker PAV1205 model is also a device that users should choose. The device is locally designed with a 3-effect filter mode, a capacity of 11KW that provides extremely fast and clean suction capacity with an suction flow of 859 liters / minute without consuming much power.

Black & Decker PAV1205 is mainly used to clean dirt on cars

Philips Powerpro Aqua portable vacuum cleaner

Philips is known as one of the best household sanitary ware brands on the market today and the Philips Powerpro Aqua model is the clearest proof.

The device has an eye-catching design with elegant and modern colors; Compact size so easy to hold. Powerpro Aqua not only functions as a vacuum cleaner but can also be used as a mop. Designed with 3-layer filter, the installation and cleaning becomes easier; ensure effective air filtration and maintain suction power of the machine. The device allows users to operate the machine continuously for 40 minutes.

Philips Powerpro Aqua vacuum cleaner

How much does a vacuum cleaner cost? Is it expensive?

This is one of the questions we have gotten quite a while. According to users’ share, handheld vacuum cleaners are affordable, inexpensive whether high-performance handheld vacuum cleaners or battery-powered ones. The price of this product is not fixed, but also depends on many factors such as time of purchase, brand, working capacity, etc. Usually, there are differences in prices between 100,000 distribution units. – 200,000 VND. So, before making a purchase decision, users need to look to reputable addresses to enjoy a good price and avoid “loss of money”.

With the information above handheld industrial vacuum cleaner is the right choice of users today. To get a detailed price list or learn more about factory vacuum cleaners from Palada, IPC, Kumisai, … then contact us for an answer.

Point of 5 products the best industrial vacuum cleaner market

(Techz.vn) Market is increasingly exciting with thousands of industrial cleaning products that make users wonder where is the best industrial vacuum cleaner ?. Therefore, we would like to recommend you 5 best vacuum cleaner models in the market that are highly appreciated by experts and users.


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