What are the 3 best video capture software for Windows?

What are the 3 best video capture software for Windows?

The screenshot is particularly useful for video game players, who want to record their games or do tutorial videos. It also allows teachers to produce videos adapted to the understanding of their students. To this end, several software have been designed for the Windows operating system. Discover the first 3 of these software which are proving to be more interesting and more effective.


HitPaw is ahead of the top 3 best Windows video capture software.

Presentation of the HitPaw software

HitPaw software is one of the best tools for windows 10 screenshot. It allows you to record your screen with just a few clicks. Its use does not require any resources, and the quality of the video obtained at the end remains impeccable. In addition, it offers three recording modes, namely:

  • webcam recording;
  • screen recorder;
  • picture-in-picture recording.

Note that this is a paid software which obviously has a free version.

HitPaw Software User Guide

After installing your screenshot software, you can start it (preferably in administrator mode). In the home interface, start by selecting Record screen mode. You can then select the full screen option or choose a specific area of ​​your screen by making a long press. Recording starts automatically and you can stop it whenever you want by clicking the stop button.

In the case of a quick screenshot, just click on the camera icon while recording. The capture will be done automatically. At the end of the screen recording or capture, the HitPaw software takes you directly back to its editing interface. There you can edit your video or screenshot as you like (crop, add music, remove watermark, etc.).


VCL is a free multimedia player and framework. In addition to its efficiency in reading all kinds of files, it allows you to make screen recordings.

The advantages of VCL software

This software allows you to play videos in any format. In addition, it is a free player of open source media from the non-profit organization VideoLan. Because of this, you can download it for free from their official website. The developer has already integrated the license and leaves you the choice to modify your software as you see fit.

Regarding screen recording, this software requires certain settings upstream. To this end, you can find several tutorials online that demonstrate how to use VLC as a screen recorder. Note that the quality of your recordings will depend on your capture device settings. This therefore constitutes the almost ambiguous side of this software.

The limits of VCL software

The disadvantages of this software derive particularly from its complexity and versatility. Although it is customizable software, its functionality is not explicitly revealed to the user. For this, you will have to document yourself before knowing how to use it wisely.

In addition, some versions of the media player present a high security risk. They can be a gateway for hackers. They will be able to execute codes remotely and have access to certain information. However, newer versions have a security patch installed to address these security issues. Click here to find out more information about.


OBS is among the best video capture software for Windows. This is completely free and open source software that allows you to record your screen and broadcast it live.

The advantages of OBS software

You can do enough things with this software. First, it allows the capture and mixing of any video and does not affect the quality of the audio. You can also create your scenes made up of several sources (captures of windows, images or webcams, etc.). In addition, its configuration options prove to be powerful and easy to use, as they offer the user a wide range of modifications. It should also be remembered that OBS will support all your favorite streaming platforms and many more.

The disadvantages of OBS software

Although its interface is user-friendly, OBS studio has one main limitation. This software does not have a variability of plugins, especially for chats and customizable themes. You can find a way to squeeze them in, but unfortunately their package doesn’t initially contain them.

Also, OBS does not work on Windows XP. Most of the users don’t take it as a downside, but it is a limitation for this software. In addition, OBS studio does not use audio files as sources. For example, you will not be able to play your new playlist on your Stream with this software. However, a new version has emerged under the name SLOBS which is nothing more than the improved version of OBS studio. Discover other screenshot tools on Windows by click here.

To achieve the best video captures on Windows, don’t hesitate to install HitPaw. The latter is undoubtedly a very powerful and entirely reliable tool.

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