What are more than 40 million Vietnamese people doing on smartphones every day?

Searching, accessing social networks, playing games, watching videos and shopping are the 5 most frequent activities of Vietnamese smart mobile users.

Adsota (an advertising agency under Appota Group) has just released a report on the mobile advertising market in Vietnam in 2017. According to this report, there are 42% of people in the market today. number of using smartphones, corresponding to the number of over 40 million people.

According to a survey on Google Barometer (outlined in the report), in 2017, searching, accessing social media, playing games, watching videos and shopping were the 5 most frequent activities of smart mobile users. Vietnam in every week.


Specifically, the two most popular activities are accessing social media and watching videos online (with responses from 80% of respondents). In addition, 66% of users use their phone to search, 36% choose to play games as regular activities on smartphones.

According to statistics based on web requests on each operating system for the past 3 years, Android has always been the number one position in the mobile segment. Meanwhile, tablets (tablets) by the iOS operating system account for the majority.

5 most frequent activities of Vietnamese mobile users.

At the end of 2017, records show that Android accounts for 2/3 of Vietnam’s mobile operating system, iOS has a market share of about 30%. In contrast, iOS almost completely dominates Vietnam’s tablet platform, accounting for nearly 80% of the market share, while the coverage of Android is around 25%.

Other operating systems had no significant effect. In 2017, just like the worldwide trend, the game is a popular application, with the most downloads and installations in Vietnam. Based on statistics, standing after the game is a social and communication application (with 68% and 66% of the survey respondents saying that these are the 2 categories of applications you download and install most often booked). The groups of applications also in the top 10 most popular in Vietnam are media, entertainment; music; search; books, magazines, comics; news, weather; education; shopping.


However, spending on mobile advertising in Vietnam, compared to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, is only about 78.7 million USD. At the same time, mobile ad spending only accounts for about 38% of total online ad spend (digital) Vietnam mobile advertising continues to grow, and promises to become a photo advertising platform. has an important influence in the online advertising industry in Vietnam.

It is predicted that the advertising budget for mobile platforms will reach 220 million USD, equivalent to 68% of the total online advertising budget by 2020.

Duy Vu
* Source: ICT News


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