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What about the cancellation of the subsidy by the Ministry of Transportation, New Taipei City will set up speed testing at its own expense!


One of the most exciting things in the car industry recently is that the Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong dismantled a political bomb for himself, saying that the zone will be completely deactivated before the relevant equipment is made in China. At the same time, the Ministry of Transportation will no longer subsidize local county and city governments to install the speed measurement of the interval, and the suitability of the installation of the road section to be built needs to be reviewed.

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: What about the cancellation of subsidies by the Ministry of Transportation, New Taipei City will set up speed testing at its own expense
Written by: Chen Weizhi Max

In fact, since last year, the interval speed test has been criticized and questioned by the Legislative Yuan because it has not passed the national inspection standards. Finally, the national standards came out. The help of speed measurement in the blossoming interval is still untestable, but it has already aroused many civil organizations to organize activities to protest on the road. But does the Ministry of Transportation care? Actually it’s okay.

The straw that really crushes the speed measurement in the interval is actually the doubt of the Chinese-made monitoring equipment. As early as the “Information Communication Security Management Law” promulgated on June 6, 2018, the Executive Yuan announced the “Principles of Restricting the Use of Products Endangering National Information Communication Security by Various Authorities”, which mentioned eight key infrastructures (including this outsourcing). Transportation) Unless the product cannot be replaced, it is not allowed to purchase Chinese-made products.

The big vernacular translation means, such as science parks, power plants, government agencies and traffic signs, including servers, cameras and other equipment with security concerns. Unless this thing is only made in China in the world, you can’t buy China.制产品。 System products.

Therefore, when Minister Aaron requested the power and responsibility unit of the General Administration of Highways, he asked the manufacturer to submit a closing letter to prove that he did not wash the place of production or use Chinese-made cameras. But because the air was suddenly quiet, the State Highway Administration only responded that the contractors were all Taiwanese manufacturers, and the equipment used was also provided by Taiwanese manufacturers. But no one can guarantee that the equipment used by these “Taiwan manufacturers” is definitely not from China.

At this point, in addition to violating the information security management law, if the OEM cameras used by these Taiwanese manufacturers are really from China’s Hikvision, this manufacturer has been listed as a trade blacklist by the US Department of Commerce. If Taiwan is also regarded as part of the red supply chain by the United States, then it will not be a matter that the Ministry of Transportation can solve.

Seeing that the general situation is over, the Ministry of Transportation decided to plead the compensation, and no longer be a godfather who paid the money, and repeatedly used money to subsidize the local government’s interval speed measurement. However, Hou Youyi, the mayor of New Taipei City, who always puts the most emphasis on fairness and justice, is unwilling to abandon the New Taipei Traffic Police who participated in the promotion of interval speed testing.

According to the report, Zheng Yongyu, head of the New Taipei Transportation Brigade, said that the Wanli Tunnel in the first section of Taiwan used for speed measurement did use suspected Chinese-made Dongshan technology products, but it was broken, so there was no question of whether to use it.

As for the road sections that have been inspected by the Bureau of Standards and Inspections, they will continue to be used, and other equipment that is still waiting in line for verification will also be used after obtaining the license. Even if the Ministry of Transportation no longer subsidies, New Taipei City will continue to expand its own budget.

Finally, the New North Police emphasized that the installation of scientific and technological law enforcement equipment is not for the purpose of reporting, but hopes that through law enforcement and warning means, curb violations and reduce accident casualties. It seems that New Taipei City has its own set of methods of playing according to the principle of the police and the central government.



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