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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speaker 85 – Nice stand-mount speaker, nice appearance, very cheap price

In your audio game this year, it's probably the most interesting discovery to find a stand-mount pair of stand-mount speakers. Wharfedale has been on the Vietnamese market for a long time, but some of the models from small to big people have not heard of it, so the design is bad so I am not very impressed, until I found Linton Heritage 85.

In both form and sound, there is no reason to blame for its 28tr price. In terms of sound, these speakers give very good sound quality and I think it will suit the majority of the ears of Vietnamese people with little experience to hear a little bit of experience: warm, thick bass, strong, smooth walking, has detailed, medium-eared, bright, to listen to all popular music genres.

Linton Heritage 85 has a 3-way, stand-mount design, uses Kevlar fiber to make the 20cm driver's diaphragm and a 13.5cm midrange driver, along with a 25mm silk dome tweeter dome. I do not often discuss with the design of the speaker driver very much, each company has a way to make and coordinate different components, I use from bass, mid ceramic (Estelon), paper (Zu Audio), synthetic resin ( Totem) I think every one has a good score. But when I close my eyes, I say it is kevlar film, it will be durable : D

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Loudspeaker box is processed by MDF board, outside veneer is very beautiful, very good finish, I compare with Zu Audio Druid 5 speakers, I think it is equal, Zu Druid 5 uses Veneer more thicker , and the price is also five times higher than the representative from Wharfedale. The base of the loudspeaker has a nail pin, black electrostatic struts, and is designed as a convenient 12-inch vinyl disc holder, or you can put some heavy objects after you have determined it. The best loudspeaker position in the room, making the mass loading (increase the overall volume of the speaker) to make the platform more stable.

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I am quite anti-Japanese pair of old speakers, because they often have quite good sound quality, slow, have a lot of bass but not detailed, have treble but not high, have a negative sound but no, the soprano is not high, The bass male voice is encroached by the bass. Not to mention that the tools are too old, tendon speakers, spiders speakers, stratified components are also aging, buy it back, service must be maintained, it will also cost 1 ton of money. Of course, there will be some non-over-the-neck speakers that I really like and are using, such as Pioneer Exclusive S5 or Diatone DS-5000, but they are not cheap at all and the set up and compositions require very much. A lot of salt, absolutely not for beginners.

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Meanwhile, this Linton Heritage 85 pair, almost very easy to match because of 90dB and 6 ohms, is also 15W rated, but 100W can beat. And yet, the following two vents, placed on equal footprints, make it easier for you to set-up it in the room than a hole, as it escapes the bass quite quickly, will not be overwhelmed by the room, causing buzzing or losing bass. too much. However, if you want to listen well, you will have to spend a lot of time to make a good click. My room ~ 24m2, 6m long, 4m wide, ceiling 3.1m, quite ideal and easy to set up 2-3 pairs of speakers in the room, so I put her next to the Signature Totem Forest that I often listen to.

I listen to many Vinyl, Synthesis Roma amplifiers 510AC, 40W / channel, drop Steely Dan's Gaucho disc in, shoot Hey Nineteen, it sounds so loud, the level is quite good, healthy, bright, the beating force is very rather. The center of the sound is slightly colored, going in the sweet direction, the inside is also called clear, but if compared to the existing ones, it does not float and is in the gap like the siblings, typically Zu Druid 5 or Totem Signature Forest. The singing of the female singers in good detail, peeling, flexible, high up is softened a bit, listening to People Get Ready on the album Simply Eva of Eva Cassidy, I want it to rise even higher, then create Vibrant sound and comfortable atmosphere.

Linton Heritage 85's bass style is a bass-style bass that holds the upper-bass and sub-bass, meaning it's not slow, but if fastidious we will see the entire bass-line not peeling off the full range, but will intertwine a bit. If you listen to new Pop songs like Chi Pu's Stay, the new Vietnamese music of Pham Duy, Trinh Cong Son or even Charlie Puth-style foreign music is impartial because these bass line songs are very stable, almost only one beat, one force, concentrated mostly around 40Hz, so Linton Heritage 85 is easy to solve.

If he listened to all the more detailed, dense and complicated rhythms like Charlie Haden's Beyond the Missouri Sky, it could not peel and reveal, demonstrating Charlie Haden's excellent contra-bass tree, as I think it is partly due to the fact that Linton Heritage 85's enclosure is not really outstanding, so it resonates with the speaker, creating the same sound. However, nothing must be feared =]]Because of the bass of this album, the Totem Forest Signature speakers are 4 times more expensive than it is in the same situation. : D

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Treble is a little younger : D It's kind of gentle and gentle. No sharp corners, like the aluminum treble dome or the rattling of the treble ribbon. It decay a bit slow, moderate intensity, enough to create space and a moderate depth for the recording. I tried pairing with semiconductors, lights, changing to different DAC things, there was no change in this treble range or improving too much so I think this is my characteristic.

You don't need much to do this, get a Denon PMA-1520AE semiconductor amplifier, or even a cheap Denon Heos Amplifier that's fine, play honestly, moderately and slowly upgrade later. If there is an upgrade, please upgrade the amplifier or DAC, do not burn money into the chips or the speaker wire or signal line, the wire should only be used just fine. The better the beat, the better the source, the better the sound quality.

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What I have to say, I have already said, with Linton Heritage 85, I think it will be a pair of speakers that you can buy and play for a long time and do not need to change anything, because it is cheap, good listening, beautiful, display polarity in the room.


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