Well-known organization commented on "Winter Journey", Xiao Zhan's star effect helped him set a record
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Well-known organization commented on “Winter Journey”, Xiao Zhan’s star effect helped him set a record

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Recently, a well-known organization commented on the book “Winter Journey”. In particular, it summarized and affirmed the star effect of Xiao Zhan. It turned out that under the star effect of Xiao Zhan, not only did this book The book’s sales have been greatly increased, and it has also helped it to create a record, becoming the third script book to be on the open list after “Shakespeare’s Tragedy” and “Orange is Red”. It is surprising. , I am also very happy.

Regarding this well-known institution, it is the authoritative “Beijing Open Book” in the entire book field. The three major retail lists of books provided by it have always been the reference standards for many industry insiders and book lovers, and have a strong continuous Sexuality, neutrality and representativeness. In an article published recently, he summarized and sorted out the book market during this period, and made a very pertinent evaluation and positioning, especially about the book “Winter Journey” written by Wan Fang. “, conducted a long period of pertinent evaluation.

Like Xiao Zhan, and like all positive star effects

In the comments, we can see that “Winter Journey” has achieved good results-it has been on the fictional list, one of the three major lists. Because it is a script book, it can be on the list. Single, many people feel rare and admire. In this regard, the agency also reviewed the history of the entire open-book list and frankly stated that it had set a record. However, the reason for being successful on the list and achieving such impressive results is mainly from the recommendation of actor Xiao Zhan. In short, it is the dialogue between Xiao Zhan and teacher Wan Fang. Xiao Zhan’s star effect helped him. Set a record.

Regarding this point, the well-known organization also gave a well-worded evaluation, and frankly said that not only “Winter Journey”, but also “You and Me” written by Teacher Wan Fang, have all entered their respective rankings. The top 30 list fully reflects Xiao Zhan’s star effect and the purchasing power of Xiao Zhan fans. It is true that in the current society, the fragmentation of information cuts off a lot of in-depth reading, and the fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys. At this time, Xiao Zhan’s star effect has played a role of matchmaking, allowing many people to see this book. The value and practical significance of books return to books and to return to people’s hearts.

Written at the end

Finally, regarding the celebrity effect, it is worth mentioning that this time, Xiao Zhan’s celebrity effect is one aspect of helping “Winter Journey” set a record, but it also allows us to see the positive energy that guides fans and drives more changes. Many people perceive life itself. Like Xiao Zhan and all positive star effects.

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