"Welcome to" BTS Jimin, Daldal Romantic Wannabe Bridegroom♥.. Heartbeat Coway Advertisement

“Welcome to” BTS Jimin, Daldal Romantic Wannabe Bridegroom♥.. Heartbeat Coway Advertisement

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BTS Jimin captivated women’s hearts with her romantic acting and while visuals.

On the 26th, Coway, where BTS is active as a global model, released an advertisement video for the group and unit of the icon water purifier’Convenient Management/Spatial Noise’ through its official YouTube channel.

In the video, the doorbell rings in the advertisement video with the interior of the house in the background.


Even with short phrases such as “Welcome back” and “It’s really widened”, Jimin caught the eye at once with her soft, warm voice and friendly way of speaking as usual under the stage.


In addition, the romantic scene of women preparing the dishes they dream of at least once with the sense of the future groom and the appearance of sleeping quietly on the sofa behind the iKON water purifier, which received the first low noise certification for the water purifier, made women’s hearts more exciting.


Netizens who watched the commercials said, “Is it a real bridegroom you can’t see in real life?”, “Jiminah, take a drama like this”, “Run, you’re really good at acting from the bulletproof dubbing special”, “The visuals and voices are sweet”, “Jung Soo-ki. “I will now change to Coway, which Jimin introduces.”


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