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Weibo night announced the first wave of guests, Hua Chenyu Wu Yifan Wang Yuan was on the list, Yang Mi and Wang Yibo were not included

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Although the Chinese New Year holiday in 2021 has passed, the party in the entertainment circle about the 2020 Weibo Night has not been held yet, do you still look forward to it?

Weibo night attracts much attention!

To be honest, Weibo Night is a relatively important celebrity gathering event in the entertainment industry. As long as the stars can be called, they will attend. After all, you can deal with the organizers well, so don’t worry about the hot search next year. Therefore, as long as celebrities are invited, they will usually attend the party.

But according to the star lineup of the last Weibo night, Zheng Shuang, Yang Mi, Di Lieba, Zhao Liying, Li Xian, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yi Yang Qianxi, Wang Junkai and others will all attend the event. The scene, I’m afraid the audience is also full of eye addiction. However, the last time the guests were so luxurious, then this time on Weibo night in 2020, which big-name guests will the organizers invite?

The first wave of guests list!

What is exciting is that the first wave of guests on Weibo night announced that according to the stars of Guan Bo Aite, this party will definitely be a famous scene of female stars overwhelming the audience.

No, in addition to Bai Yu, Cai Xukun, Hua Chenyu, Li Xian, Times Youth League, Zhang Yixing, Wu Yifan, etc., in fact, the first wave of female guests include baby, Yang Zi, Song Qian, Zhao Liying and the9 girl group. The celebrities have very high appearance values, and everyone has no worries about not being attractive!

Among them, Weibo night announced the Times Youth League to help out the party, which I am really surprised. Times Youth League can be regarded as a rising star of the men’s group in the entertainment circle, and its resources, exposure and popularity are average.

But this time, the first wave of Weibo night invited this boy group to attend the party. It is conceivable that the Times Youth League must be unique.

Huachen Yu Wu Yifan and Wang Yuan are on the list!

Hua Chenyu is also the first wave of guests on Weibo Night. Are you surprised or surprised? Since Hua Chenyu announced that he had a daughter, many people have changed their minds about him. After all, he looks like a simple boy, but in fact, he upgraded to be a father very early. This simple personality really makes people feel complicated.

But there is one thing to say, Hua Chenyu’s work and singing skills are indeed good, so I can fully understand the invitation of Hua Chenyu to the organizer!

What’s interesting is that Wu Yifan is also a guest on Weibo Night. As an old acquaintance of Weibo Night, Wu Yifan is probably going to win prizes again this time.

In addition, compared to awards and honors, I am afraid that everyone will pay more attention to Wu Yifan’s style. After all, his suit style every time he attends an event can make people shine!

Wang Yuan was also one of the guests. Wang Yuan’s development in the past two years has been a bit backward. Maybe Qian Xi and Wang Junkai worked too hard, so Wang Yuan won the award a bit less often.

But in terms of singers, Wang Yuan’s abilities are indeed not to be underestimated, and Wang Yuan is gradually growing, his appearance is getting more and more handsome, so a handsome and talented male singer, Wang Yuan will naturally be invited Yes.

Zhao Liying helps out, Yang Mi and Wang Yibo are not included!

It is worth mentioning that Zhao Liying was also invited this time. There is a saying that Zhao Liying’s fashion resources are very good in the past two years. Maybe she hired a stylist at a high price. Zhao Liying’s dress is finally not rustic, but every event has a beautiful look.

Now Zhao Liying is the guest of Weibo Night again. Although the event has not yet started, I believe in the ability of the team and the stylist. Ying Bao’s dress must be beautiful again this time!

But what is regrettable is that Yang Mi is not the first wave of guests. She is also an old acquaintance of Weibo Night, and Yang Mi is a frequent visitor on Weibo Night. She was not invited to Weibo Night. I am afraid that everyone does not believe it at all.

You know, Yang Mi is a walking hot search physique, but according to the operation of Weibo night muffled things, maybe Yang Mi will be announced by the officials later!

In addition, in addition to Yang Mi, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo have not been announced by officials. Among them, Wang Yibo is the male star of the fire in the past two years, and has become a hit with the “Chen Qing Ling” TV series, and “You Fei” has made Wang Yibo a new height.

It’s a pity that only Zhao Liying appeared in the first wave of guests, and Wang Yibo’s name was not included. Everyone is somewhat regretful. But since Wang Yibo was a guest last year, I am afraid this time is no exception. I hope to see Wang Yibo on the list later!

The above is the entire content of this article. Which celebrities do you hope to attend the Weibo night in the same frame? Please leave a message.



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