Weibo is blocked, fixing an error that cannot access Weibo

Weibo is blocked, fixing an error that cannot access Weibo

Weibo social network in China is like Twitter or Facebook. If blocked, you will not be able to access and use this social network. In the following article, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to access blocked Weibo, fix the error that you cannot access Weibo.

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For some reason, DSL service providers may block and prevent users from accessing It could even be due to the user blocking platform. The following article ElectrodealPro will guide you how to access blocked Weibo, fix the error that you cannot access Weibo.

How to access the Weibo cap when it is the most free The simplest way to access Weibo when blocked

Link to download the latest Weibo

=> Link download Weibo for Android

=> Link to download Weibo for iPhone

The way to access Weibo is blocked, fixing the error that we cannot access Weibo

Method 1: Change the DNS address

The easiest way to get into blocked Weibo is to use a different DNS address, such as a Google DNS address.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the window Local Area Connection (wired Ethernet) or Wireless Network Connection (if using Wifi), find and click Properties to open the window and change settings.

Step 2: Access Networking tab, here find and click select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) in the item This connection uses the following items then click select Properties.

Step 3: Click to select Advanced, then select DNS tab =>OK.

Step 4: Choose Use the following DNS server addresses.

Step 5: Replace the address with the Google server address, in turn and

The weibo editor is not accessible

Step 6: Restart the connection and you should be able to access Weibo as usual.

If you do not know what DNS is, basic knowledge about DNS, you can read the article What is DNS on ElectrodealPro to learn more.

Method 2: Using Web Proxy

Another way to get into Weibo is blocked, to fix the failure to access Weibo is to use a web proxy. Web proxies work by overriding your Internet service provider’s IP address, bypassing restrictions, and allowing you to access blocked Weibo.

Method 3: Using VPN on Weibo is blocked

In addition to web proxies, you can use VPN services to access Weibo, fix the error of not accessing Weibo. Basically a VPN works similarly to a web proxy, bypassing restrictions and allowing users to access blocked websites.

The weibo repair cannot be accessed

On the Internet there are many VPN services available, both free and paid. However, not all VPNs are effective. Readers can refer to the article VPN list Best free 2020 on ElectrodealPro to learn and choose

Method 4: Use Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate web pages from one language to another, and display the results on web pages. Go to Google Traslate and enter into it and click Translate (translation) to translate and access Weibo blocked.

Weibo is very beautiful and has access to editing methods

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The above article ElectrodealPro just instructed you how to access Weibo is blocked, fix the error that you cannot access Weibo. If you still have any questions or questions that need answers, readers can leave your comments in the comments section below the article.


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