[WEIBO HOT] Fiancé and Brother-in-law Adultery In The Newly Bought Room, The Groom Gave Videos of The Other Two Having Sex Right In Their Wedding

Message content :

-I have something to tell you, believing everyone already knows my story, today is my wedding day with my wife, I didn’t expect to do this to make her famous, but she was too much, we were together 2 years, half a year ago decided to go to marriage. The money for the ceremony is 18,800,000 Yuan (270,000$), in addition to an apartment I have prepared. Then I found out she was having an affair

_No an affair with an outsider might be missed, is she having an affair with my brother-in-law? Try asking who can accept it?

_Are they treating our family members as monkeys? Not to mention, my sister is still 6 months pregnant, she’s still human like this?

_I am miserable to earn money to prepare for the wedding, the result is my wife cuckold? I didn’t know about this, but recently my brother-in-law has been good or bad at my house, I just think they’re all one-on-one, good people relationships are good. is normal

_Because my house was a newly bought house, I just repaired my room, it was just a few days ago, I went to a mobile phone repair shop, they said that I charge 100 yuan (350k) so I have a chance to win the camera, so I recharge and won the prize, bring the camera to install on the day. On the second day I checked the quality, I opened the camera to see if it detected this problem. Right at that moment I honestly wanted to kill her right away, but I tried to endure, save the videos, right on my wedding day and she would play videos, and so there were videos people were watching here.

_you have been so mean, I let you be miserable all your life, so that you can stand in front of your parents all your life without looking up, who dares to do this

_A lot of people say I do this is too much, but I have no regrets, everyone is human, based on where to despise honest people like us. If I didn’t have a camera that day, how come I found out that my house was bought for people to have sex with, and want to have sex with me?
_I tell everyone here, don’t say me too much.
_The building and property I brought to court, didn’t give her a penny. My whole family is crying now, my sister will have an abortion tomorrow
_Thank you for your kind attention

After that, Videos of the male and female couple were released all over netizens on the planet🤣🤣🤣

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