WeChat subscription number paid for reading Are there any users paying for it?

2020-01-17 07:43:01Beijing News Editor: Chen Li
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WeChat subscription number paid for reading Are there any users paying for it?

2020-01-17 07:43:01Beijing News

WeChat said recently that it is currently testing the payment ability of subscription numbers in grayscale, and qualified operators can go to the public platform to activate the payment function. After the successful launch, the operator can set a charge for some or all of the original article, and users can read the full text after purchasing the article. Operators can choose appropriate pricing at 35 price ranges from 1 to 208 yuan. Operators do not support user-defined prices for the time being. Judging from WeChat’s statement, paid reading permissions are more open to the outside world. Subscriptions that have been registered for more than 3 months, no serious violations in the past 3 months, and have published at least 3 original articles can activate the paid function. This means that a very high percentage of WeChat original authors will enjoy this new permission.

This WeChat move may provide more channels for WeChat original authors to increase revenue. At present, the source of income of the author of a WeChat subscription number mainly comes from readers ‘appreciation and advertising, but readers’ appreciation is a spontaneous choice, that is, it is possible to pay after reading the entire article. And paid reading belongs to pay first and read later, which points to a more pure paid reading model.

Of course, for WeChat subscription numbers to pay for reading, what attracts the most attention is the percentage of paying users. For a long time, users watched WeChat subscription number articles and basically enjoyed free cakes. If the subscription number opens the paid reading function, users will inevitably increase the overall quality requirements of WeChat subscription number articles. But for some “Title Party” articles, unknowing users paid for their titles, and after reading them, they found that the article was not worth it. In this way, how to protect the rights and interests of users?

At present, subscription numbers present a typical “two-eighth effect”. A large number of subscription numbers have a small number of readers and low open rates. This is probably the reason why WeChat launched paid reading and tried to activate the enthusiasm of authors. However, we must also see that as the total growth of WeChat users enters a bottleneck period, the authors of WeChat subscription numbers need to compete for the stock readers. For large, it has a huge number of users, and daily appreciation users are also maintained at a considerable level. If it is changed to pay for reading, as long as the payment standard is set reasonable, praise users may be willing to pay for it. But for the trumpet author, this permission just looks beautiful. The fundamental problem they need to solve is how to attract more new readers through content operations, instead of paying for reading. Therefore, the paid reading mode has little change to the existing WeChat subscription number structure and may become the exclusive right of a few large authors.

Of course, the reason why WeChat launched subscription numbers to pay for reading is actually trying to do the same. Just like the video web dramas and other content were also open for users to watch, with the gradual attempt to pay for viewing models, it has now formed a considerable market size, according to According to the data in the “2019 China Online Video Quality Report”, the number of paid video users reached 347 million, and content payments accounted for 34.5% of total revenue. Although WeChat currently claims that it will not extract platform fees for paid reading, if the WeChat subscription number paid reading is continuously promoted in user education, WeChat may be divided from it is an inevitable result, such as WeChat payment transfer and withdrawal services, the platform will charge a certain percentage of fees The subscription-based paid reading model is also expected to increase new platform revenue for WeChat.

□ Edited by Bi Yan (Financial Reviewer) Chen Li Proofreading Xue Jingning

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