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Wechat opened Shanghai’s first self-service convenience store

Today, the WeChat app is closely tied to current life in China – including the bank accounts of more than 200 million users. The next step up appears to be a self-service, employee-less retail industry.

Recently, Wechat’s pop-up self-service convenience store (short-time appearance) was opened inside the shopping mall in Manchang District, Shanghai.

There were no waiters, cashiers and cash on hand. Instead, customers just need to scan the QR code via Wechat to enter the store, take the necessary items and scan other QR codes to pay and go out.

During the final scan, the system will automatically review the items you have selected and charge.

To use this self-service store, you need to have a Wechat account linked to your bank card. The inside of this store had all the essentials, just like a regular convenience store.

Named “WeLife”, this store will be open until February 4, 2018. This is just the first step, Wechat promises that this business form will flourish in the future, with more goods and with facial recognition technology to ensure security.

According to the South China Morning Post, as many as 30,000 customers visited the WeChat store last week.

Cashless convenience stores are a concept that is expected to grow in major cities in China. After the first Amazon Go store launched in late 2016, a number of similarly styled stores appeared in China late last year, including MobyMart and BingoBox.

In July 2017, Alibaba got into the game by opening a Tao Café self-service store in Hangzhou. In the near future, this will be another fierce arena for the “high-tech giants” in China.

Long.J / CGTN
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