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WeChat mini-game commercial monetization increased by 18%, and monthly advertisements were divided into 39 models

Today, the ninth season of WeChat open class games was held in Guangzhou. This open class will focus on the “Practical Combat of Mini Game Commercialization”. The WeChat team announced a new mini game performance optimization program in the open class to provide developers with greater performance space and help developers produce high-quality mini games. At the same time, as monthly advertisements are divided into over one million mini games to reach 39, and new scenes of various mini games including PC mini games are announced, mini games will also usher in more commercial space.

Lecturer of WeChat Open Course·Li Qing

Cumulative users continue to grow, and small games are full of long-term vitality

WeChat mini-games have maintained a strong growth momentum since their first release to the present. In the morning session of the open class, the mini game team checked and analyzed the current situation of mini games and disclosed the latest data of mini games. In the first half of 2020, the cumulative registered users of the mini game platform continued to grow. At the same time, the commercial value of mini games has been released rapidly, and the commercial realization has increased by 18% month-on-month. It is expected that with the performance upgrade in the second half of the year and more teams resume production, more high-quality mini games will be released, which will drive the commercial scale of mini game platforms in 2020 The growth rate further accelerated.

From the data, we can see that more than 50% of users only play mini games but not APP games, and the ratio of male to female users is relatively even. Mini games have a diverse category ecology, among which game categories such as leisure puzzles, simulation management, and strategic roles have good performance. The accumulated registered users of leisure puzzle category exceeded 600 million, and the accumulated turnover exceeded 1.2 billion; the accumulated registered users of simulated business category exceeded 500 million, the accumulated turnover exceeded 1 billion, the cumulative users of strategic roles reached 300 million, and the turnover exceeded 2 billion.

In addition, games released for one or two years have continued to maintain strong growth through long-term operations, and the newly released high-quality mini games in 2020 have also quickly gained user recognition.

Big performance upgrade, high-quality mini-game R&D and operation capacity increase

The small game platform has always focused more on the openness of products and helping developers to better reduce production and operation costs. In 2020, the H1 mini game team will focus more on improving the quality of mini games so that users can have a better gaming experience. The quality improvement of the mini games in this open class includes: 35% increase in startup performance, reduction of drawing interaction, improvement of rendering and optimization logic time-consuming, etc., improve the performance of skeletal animation by more than 10 times, and increase the performance of physics simulation 2- 3 times.

At the same time, the small game team will also expand the cache, from 50M to 200M, so that developers can have more room to play. With the improvement of performance, the mini game team also showed developers the evaluation criteria of mini game performance and brand new performance testing tools. With the improvement of the performance space of mini games, it is believed that in the future, developers will produce more expressive and high-quality mini games.

The monthly advertisement is divided into 39 mini-games, which is a new opportunity for the commercialization of mini-games.

Advertising monetization has always been the main channel for small game developers to achieve commercialization. According to the latest data released in public classes, as of July 2020, the overall exposure of small game ads has increased by 80% year-on-year, and the monthly advertising share exceeds one million. There are 39 games, and the average daily registration volume brought by mini game promotion exceeds 7 million.

In 2020, the commercialization of mini games will continue to be fully upgraded around the three themes of monetization, optimization, and growth. We are committed to enabling mini game developers to achieve more flexible monetization, more comprehensive analysis, and simpler promotion for developers. Provide new commercialization opportunities. In terms of monetization, the display method of native template components will be more flexible, and the overall fill rate of rewarded ads can reach 99%; in terms of tuning, WeChat ads will be based on the original analysis tools, and will fully integrate the delivery-monetization-game data, making Developers can perform value evaluation and game tuning more accurately and quickly, thereby obtaining higher revenue; in terms of growth, WeChat advertising will continue to improve delivery tools, continue to polish intelligent delivery capabilities and integrated monetization growth tools, and help traffic owners Increase efficiency and income.

In addition, WeChat advertising also allows game developers to expand the scale of users and efficiently obtain revenue by upgrading the game selection plan. Each game that has signed the preferred plan will have a dedicated game operation to provide ROI optimization guidance, be responsible for the life cycle of the mini game, and cooperate with the growth team to create explosive mini games.

New users in new scenarios, in-app purchase games free up more space

In the open class, the mini game team disclosed the latest data on in-app purchases of mini games. In addition to traditional paying players, mini-games have also expanded more user groups who pay for games for the first time, with female paying users accounting for 32%.

At the same time, the conversion of small games to traditional paying players is far from reaching the ceiling, and there is still a lot of potential paying users for all types of medium and heavy games. With the continuous improvement of performance, mini games have supported stronger game performance and content depth, and the platform will release multiple capabilities to help high-quality mini games better reach potential players.

In addition, the mini game team also introduced the key issues and platform capabilities for new users to undertake optimization and upgrade LTV, and will release benchmarking data to guide game optimization experience and increase ROI. In the second half of the year, mini games will continue to implement preferential policies such as a 10% advertising fund to help developers improve capital efficiency, save costs, and obtain greater commercial value.

Mini game health protection upgrade multiple measures to build a protection matrix

In the open class, the mini game team introduced a number of health protection measures that have been launched on the platform, including the “health system” and “growth guard function” that have been fully launched. Users need to use real names to use the mini games, and users who are certified as minors will Subject to game duration and amount restrictions. At the same time, it provides parents with “self-management” ability to effectively supervise and manage special situations and children’s gaming experience behaviors that require the use of adult mobile phones.

In response to the misrecharge that may occur in the experience of mini games, the mini game platform has now completed the upgrade of important functions for the refund of minors. If they encounter irrational consumption in the game by minors, users can directly initiate minors in the game Pay the refund application and apply for a refund quickly. In addition, mini games are also actively exploring more technical applications to provide more effective protection for minors.

Case: Multi-realization of “Shan Hai Jing Michang”-small game advertising optimization

Li Chao, CEO of Beijing Panlong Zhiyuan, shared the advertising optimization methods of the mini-game “Shan Hai Jing Yibian”. Let’s take a look at its game data first, Arpu: 1.2 yuan +; Ecpm 130 yuan +; video frequency per capita: 11-12 times.

In the initial stage of the project, they found through research that the subject matter of Shanhaijing has a high value, and users who like Shanhaijing have high value. In the creation of gameplay, they use the gameplay attributes of WeChat to enhance their social capabilities through growth, competition, group gathering, management and other elements. So as to improve Ecpm from the theme and gameplay.

In terms of advertising monetization, “Shan Hai Jing Yan Bian” mainly started from increasing the number of video views per capita. The specific implementation plan is to establish a player’s sense of goal in the game; increase active rewards; use numerical values ​​to increase player demand; use mechanisms to increase advertising fill rate.

Case: Exploring the Ideas of Realizing and Optimizing the Advertising of “Nationwide Raising Dinosaurs”

Bo Zhichao, CEO of Shanghai Kuzhen Network, shared the idea of ​​optimizing the monetization of advertisements for “Nationwide Raising Dinosaurs”. Let’s first take a look at its game data: the total number of registered users on the entire platform is 100 million+; the highest daily active user is 400W+; the active ARPU is stable before the split is more than 0.15 yuan.

Specifically in advertising tuning, the idea of ​​”Nationwide Raising Dinosaurs” is to first ensure that the ads are pre-loaded well. In the design of advertising points, optimize the design of freezing points, advertising interactions, exceed expected returns, special needs, random rewards, etc. to increase player interest , But also pay attention to balance the game experience, and appropriately increase the rhythm of reasonable advertising control experience in combination with the content. In addition, we must also make full use of the capabilities of the mini-game platform, such as subscription functions, update announcements, etc., to immediately arouse players.

Case: “Hu Lai Three Kingdoms” commercial in-app purchase optimization and optimization

Game data: closed beta in May 2019, 32% in the first week; WeChat lost nearly 2 million in a single day

Liu Xiaolong, Vice President of Game Research and Development of Tuyou, introduced that “Hu Lai Three Kingdoms” is a three-country card game. As early as the project was established, they aimed at the commercial characteristics of the WeChat mini game platform, observed the industry development trend, and chose long-term value. , A place card game with development, strategy, and social attributes as a project. In terms of commercialization, take the “supermarket” as a reference, take its grasp of user psychology and countermeasures, continuously improve game services and experience, and make full use of the tools, interfaces and features of the WeChat mini game platform to optimize performance and make full use of Social attributes create a small game product with strong platform attributes.

Case: The road to commercialization of “Hero Kill” game

According to Wang Yang, producer of Heroic Killing of Shanghai Happy Interactive Entertainment, “Heroic Killing” was launched on October 24, 2018, and currently registered users>50 million; active users>1 million; online duration: 63 minutes/day. The game’s main game is 2V2 fair competition, with the attributes of cooperation and confrontation strategy. A single game is 3-5 minutes.

“Hero Kill” did not improve much in the early days. After the purchase of small games through the WeChat advertising platform, the DAU was gradually increased, and the user experience was continuously optimized and iterated agilely to stabilize a group of users. In terms of product commercialization design, through the establishment of players’ sense of value and the development of user payment habits, supplemented by refined operations, the PC terminal of small games is launched in time to increase player payment.

Case: “The Pirate Is Coming” uses social networking as a long-term operation

Crazy Game CPO Sun Jinchao shared the idea of ​​”Coming Pirates” through continuous expansion and strengthening of social players to achieve long-term game operation.

“The Pirates is Coming” has been online since April 2018, the mini-game version; in May 2018, the turnover exceeded 100 million; in January 2019, the mini-game users were 250 million. Daily active 600,000 to 700,000, 80% active retention the next day, ARPU of 1 yuan, 75% active retention for seven days.

Behind the hot data, “The Pirates Coming” also faced a single gameplay, poor retention, declining popularity, and a decline in ARPU. Their method of improvement is to focus on “social” and do long-term operations. The first is to enrich the main line of gameplay, the second is to optimize the core experience, the third is to strengthen the pull and recall, and the fourth is to increase the content of the event. Specific practical methods such as establishing game guilds, increasing Twilight Beach gameplay, players’ revenge PK and so on. It is based on the team’s understanding of the social fun of the player’s game: it is not how fun the game itself is, but the game provides players with a way to have interesting interactions between players.


Looking at the entire first half of 2020, the growth rate of the entire mobile game market has remained stable. With the normalization of daily life in Q2, the size of the game market has not shrunk. According to gamma data, the growth rate of the mobile game market in April was still 24.4% year-on-year. The month-on-month increase was 11.9% in May. The major game companies are also increasing the commercialization of games. It can be seen from Tencent’s Q2 quarterly financial report that game revenue has also achieved good growth. Mini games are an important module of the game ecology. Its good ecology is inseparable from creative developers. As WeChat Mini Games said, the goal of the platform is to make creation generate value and allow creators to get rewards. WeChat mini-games will also continue to improve performance capabilities, provide more resources, provide a better environment and soil for more developers, and jointly keep mini-games vigorous.


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