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Tanaka Chamber of Commerce is a company located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Its main business is to develop and sell motorcycle-related parts. It is committed to introducing high-quality products from Southeast Asia to Japan for sale, and providing consumers with cheaper parts with a certain level of quality. Install on your favorite car.

Seeing the market potential of small displacement FUN BIKE, most of the products introduced by the Tanaka Chamber of Commerce are targeted for sales of MONKEY 50, MONKEY 125, Gorilla, APE, MSX125 (GROM), CUB and DAX. The CP value is extremely high, so that car owners will repeatedly buy parts for use.

“Tanaka Chamber of Commerce” sells a wide variety of products, whether it is decorative parts such as fairings and soil removal that can enhance the appearance and texture, or shelves, bumpers, and mudguards that can enhance practical performance, or directly enhance power output The Tanaka Chamber of Commerce sells air filters, engine assemblies, etc., and because the standards for selecting products are quite strict, there is absolutely no need to worry about the quality of the products sold by the Tanaka Chamber of Commerce.

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exhaust pipe Engine parts Fuel tank parts
Fairing cushion steering system
Electrical parts Shock Absorbers Chassis device
Wheel frame Car frame Brake system
Transmission system Locomotive tools Maintenance supplies

Although the competition in the motorcycle modification market is fierce, it is the original intention of Tanaka Chamber of Commerce to provide motorcycle parts with the highest quality, innovative design, high functionality, and realistic price. The best products and the most dedicated service quality also allow The Tanaka Chamber of Commerce has become a motorcycle parts dealer that no one knows, so if you want to have a unique motorcycle with a unique style, please don’t miss the Tanaka Chamber of Commerce.

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