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Established in 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand, MASPO mainly designs and produces unique hard shell backpacks and waist bags for extreme sports enthusiasts and motorcyclists. It is a well-known motorcycle luggage brand in Thailand.

MASPO’s main product is the backpack. The hard shell design is 100% waterproof and has a capacity of 25 liters. Even if you ride in wind and rain, it will not affect the storage quality of the backpack. The color is black, Red, yellow, blue, gold, orange, white, green, etc. are bright and diversified, and can choose according to consumers’ preferences.

Another popular product is the waist bag. Because it is made of the strongest waterproof material, it is 100% waterproof. It is matched with A-grade handmade canvas, so it has high flexibility, light weight, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and other characteristics, easy to clean and Rugged and durable, but also able to withstand a lot of weight.

Regardless of backpack or waist bag, MASPO products have the most innovative appearance, sharp lines and stunning shapes, and have a unique high-quality hard shell material, which can comfortably fit the back and disperse the burden on the back. Not only does it achieve considerable design The advancement of this product, taking into account the flexibility of use in daily life, is the best first choice for outing riding adventures or daily transportation storage.

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Cliplock backpack Ninja Backpack
Racefit backpack Hard shell waist bag

Beautiful, eye-catching, a little sturdy yet soft, the travel bag launched by MASPO is of excellent quality and practicality. In addition, it is made in Thailand, so it can be provided to consumers at a cheap price. The business goal is In addition to having an excellent reputation in Thailand, we should also share the good products with the world so that all motorcyclists who love motorcycles can use the best products.

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