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A large sports car with different dimensional sports performance, the new HAYABUSA is here!

The ultimate sports car model HAYABUSA, which is good at super-high-speed advancement and can exert outstanding sports performance in various riding situations, is not only a representative model of Japan, a major motorcycle country, but also loved by countless riders all over the world; now, the brand new third The HAYABUSA has finally begun to be sold in Japan.

A super high-speed sports car that is easy to maneuver and highly safe

The new “HAYABUSA”, which car fans all over the world are eagerly looking forward to, has finally been officially released a few days ago. The shape is gorgeous, and its true identity can be recognized at a glance. After many improvements, this HAYABUSA finally came out with a perfect attitude. The first generation HAYABUSA debuted in 1999.

At that time, many motorcycle brands successively developed large-scale sports cars with speeds exceeding 300km/h, such as ZZR1100, CBR1000XX BLACKBIRD and so on. As the last car in the 20th century that had a speed limit of over 300km without modification, HAYABUSA succeeded in dominating the industry with the “fastest commercial motorcycle”.

However, after this, the competition for the highest speed cars became more and more fierce, and finally even led to the establishment of a 300km speed limit in Europe, and the installation of a speed limiter became an obligation. Despite this, the amazing speed of HAYABUSA has not lost its attention, and it has still won the support of countless fans all over the world.

The second-generation HAYABUSA, which debuted in 2008, has undergone a comprehensive revision while increasing the displacement. In addition to inheriting the potential of the first generation at high speeds, it also continues the instant explosive power that HAYABUSA must have in straight acceleration and the ability to ride difficult sports on mountain roads and tracks. This perfect presentation The high degree of control of HAYABUSA’s promotional slogan “Ultimate Sports Car” is the biggest feature of HAYABUSA.

I have ridden the second generation of HAYABUSA countless times in the past. This highly completed car makes the author fascinated every time. Although I sometimes feel that the speed of HAYABUSA does not need to be so fast, but I also feel that the electronic control devices of the latest sports cars that take turns on the market every year are a bit old compared to HAYABUSA.

As far as the author is concerned, a motorcycle that pursues ultra-high speed and allows the rider to control it arbitrarily cannot be said to be safe. However, although this is true for some motorcycles, recent super sports cars can use the latest electronic control systems such as gravity sensors, yaw rate sensors, etc., to maintain the body balance as much as possible in the event of danger. Things that can’t be done by ordinary knights are made possible.

HAYABUSA, which seems to have no room for improvement, has successfully made up for HAYABUSA’s safety flaws with the upgraded latest car body control system “SIRS (SUZUKI Smart Riding System)”. Although the peak performance of the engine has been reduced, But because of this, the low and medium speeds have been changed to make it easier to manipulate.

It is worth noting that in addition to the standard painting and assembly colors, SUZUKI also launched this time the “optional color scheme” that can choose the exterior color and the color of the wheel frame. The combination of different colors can combine up to 18 styles, which can definitely make You get a special HAYABUSA that fits your own mind.

By the way, the suggested price of HAYABUSA in Japan is 2.156,000 yen. Considering the specifications and equipment, this price can be said to be super bargain. The most eye-catching hot car model this year is definitely it!

The equipment is upgraded again, don’t miss it

After 14 years, it has been completely revised and upgraded to the third generation of HAYABUSA. While maintaining the R&D concept, many parts have been improved due to technological advancements.

Up to 18 colors

Based on standard colors such as black, silver, white, etc., the “optional color scheme” is added to freely choose the exterior color and the color of the front and rear wheel frames. There are a total of 18 versions for future car owners to choose.

It can be seen at a glance that it is the design of HAYABUSA

▲The design concept of the third generation HAYABUSA is “Refined Beast”. The streamlined lines are very beautiful, from the re-set headlight cover for the pursuit of aerodynamics to the thin and short exhaust pipes.

▲Hayabusa’s unique look is full of weight no matter from which angle it is viewed. It is definitely a major feature of HAYABUSA. Although HAYABUSA maintains the consistent characteristics of HAYABUSA in design, it allows people to immediately distinguish the difference between the new and the old models.

▲Although the headlamp shade inherits the old design, the direction lamp and position lamp set next to the air intake and the newly-modeled rearview mirror all show its full personality.

▲LED lights are used in the taillights and rear direction lights. The horizontal configuration makes the overall shape very stylish and improves visibility.

▲Reminiscent of the dashboard of a fighter jet, the center LCD screen can display various information including riding modes, and the speedometer scale can be up to 300km/h.

▲The ETC2.0 vehicle-mounted device (limited to Japanese-standard models) is stored under the rear seat cushion. The ergonomically designed rear armrest is better to hold than the old model.

Chassis device

▲The tail section of the exhaust pipe has been redesigned to be more compact, and it has successfully reduced 2054g compared to the old model, and the front and rear weight distribution has reached the ideal 50:50.


Equipped with sensors that can detect forces applied in various directions such as pitch, roll, yaw, etc., and are linked with the tracking control system and the engine brake control system to make the motorcycle become safer.

Main specifications

full length 2180mm
Full width 735mm
Full height 1167mm
Wheelbase 1480mm
Minimum ground clearance 125mm
Cushion height 800mm
Total displacement 1339cc
Engine type Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve in-line four-cylinder engine
Bore×stroke 81.0×65.0mm
Compression ratio 12.5:1 Compression ratio 12.5:1
Maximum horsepower 188PS/9700rpm
Maximum torque 149Nm/7000rpm
Fuel supply method Electronically controlled fuel injection device
Fuel tank capacity 20L
Body weight 264kg
Primary reduction ratio/secondary reduction ratio 1.596/2.388
Variable speed form Constantly toothed 6-stage reciprocating
Forward angle / traction distance 23°/90mm
Front wheel brake Hydraulic double disc
Rear wheel brake Hydraulic disc
Front tire 120/70ZR 17M/C (58W)
Rear tire 190/50ZR 17M/C (73W)

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