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GT Project was founded in Thailand, where there are many talents. Its main business is to design, manufacture and sell motorcycle-related parts. Also, since it was developed from Thailand where motorcycles are booming, GT Project already has high-level production technology that can keep pace with the world’s major manufacturers. , As for the low production cost, it is more beautiful than before.

In the early days of its business, GT Project used CNC machining parts as the main product type. It also relied on the love of motorcycles to design and produce elegant and high-quality parts. The target models were HONDA, YAMAHA’s MONKEY, MSX (GROM) , MT-15 and other models sold locally in Thailand.

GT Project’s popular products are all kinds of aluminum alloy parts made by cutting, such as frame screws, anti-swing brackets, anti-falling balls, storage hooks, etc. Not only are there a variety of colors to choose from, but the appearance is smooth and bright. And the excellent texture makes many consumers shine; in addition to aluminum alloy parts, carbon fiber fuel tank cover, engine cover and other parts also have unique design aesthetics, so that consumers who use their parts can Make your car the one on the road that attracts the most envy.

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goggles steering system Fall prevention
Soil removal kit Engine cover Chassis device
Water tank protection net Fuel tank parts Electrical parts

Due to the continuous research of the team, and with the long-term experience, highly specialized talents and cutting-edge expertise in the two-round world, the company continues to push the reputation of GT Project to the peak, and challenge more top goals, and then to The product is taken to a higher dimension.

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