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Club517Superbike is a brand that manufactures and sells motorcycle parts in Bangkok, Thailand. The products are mainly made of aluminum alloy parts processed by CNC. The development and production of parts with excellent texture and practicality include HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI Such as Japanese brands and European brands such as BMW, DUCATI, KTM and TRIUMPH.

Thanks to the fact that most of the products are produced locally in Thailand, the price is surprisingly cheap, but although the price is low, the quality is not inferior to the international manufacturers, so it is not only famous in Thailand, but also in Taiwan. , Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries are also able to buy their brand products, and they are also supported and affirmed by many customers.

Club517Superbike’s product line is quite rich, such as anti-reversing/protective sliders and engine covers that can protect the appearance of the vehicle when reversing unfortunately, and a pedal-retracting kit that can fundamentally change the riding posture, and it is convenient to set up during maintenance. The parking balls of the vehicles are all launched, and the colors are various for consumers to choose, so that owners can match their own cars.

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Pedal back shift kit Fall prevention
Engine cover steering system
Suspension system Chain adjuster
Exterior parts Caliper holder

Club517Superbike, which manages the brand image with care, all its products are carefully selected, and the aluminum alloy parts made by excellent construction technology, even the subtle edges and corners still have a smooth and not rough appearance, and humbly accepts consumers from all over the world. Feedback, continue to produce more satisfactory products to all households, but also target overseas, hoping to promote the brand name from Asia to the world.

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