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CLEVERWOLF originated from Shenmei Automobile Co., Ltd., which was founded in Osaka, Japan in October 1969. In addition to car sales, maintenance and leasing, CLEVERWOLF also has a place in motorcycle modification, repair and related parts sales.

CLEVERWOLF is a brand officially established by Shenmei Automobile Co., Ltd. in 2005. It is also an exterior parts brand adopted by well-known teams such as “Yoshimura Suzuki”. In 1971, he founded his own four-wheel racing team and participated in Gymkhana. He is very active in the racing industry. .

In 1980, we introduced foreign-made 2K coatings and started mass production of glass fiber parts for motorcycles in 1982. CLEVERWOLF racing was established in 1984 to participate in various motorcycle races. It was the first time to participate in motorcycle races two years later. Won the champion of the Suzuka 8-hour endurance event.

CLEVERWOLF specializes in the development of exterior parts for motorcycles, such as fairings, fuel tank covers, frame covers and other parts. The parts made of carbon fiber not only have special appearance and light weight, but also play a practical role in protecting body parts.

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Fairing Fuel tank cover goggles
Soil removal Engine cover Caliper holder
Exhaust pipe anti-scald cover Frame cover Electric parts

As CLEVERWOLF’s racing performance is excellent, the experience gained from the competition is used to modify motorcycles. The main corresponding brands are SUZUKI, YAMAHA, HONDA and KAWASAKI; CLEVERWOLF applies the love of motorcycles to consumers’ modified cars, creating The most unique two rounds of life.

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