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ai-NET was established in November 2006. The company is based in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The current representative is Mr. Kato Oki. Its main business is the agency and distributor of motorcycle parts, motorcycle supplies and camping supplies.

For some motorcycle owners, although the high-priced modified parts with excellent shape and bright appearance are desirable, the parts with ordinary appearance, excellent quality and relatively low price are more popular, so ai-NET has spotted this business opportunity. , The modified parts for agents/distributors all demand high CP value.

The parts styles and range provided by ai-NET are quite wide. Whether it is consumable parts such as fixing screws, pads, discs, air filters, rear mirrors, fairings, cylinders, etc., they are all available for sale. I love doing DIY. A brand that owners who repair their cars can’t help but know.

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exhaust pipe Exterior parts goggles
steering system Brake system Engine parts
Knight supplies Maintenance supplies Locomotive tools
Electrical components Transmission system Chassis device

Although it has only been established for 15 years, ai-NET relies on its strong purchasing ability to provide various modified parts of excellent quality and reasonable price to motorcycle players who pay attention to the CP value, so it quickly became popular in the car industry and became a small famous motorcycle Brands of components and supplies.

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