Wearing a gas mask to store fish during Tet - 'Vu Dai' Village on foreign newspapers makes many people mistakenly think for 3 minutes to read

Wearing a gas mask to store fish during Tet – ‘Vu Dai’ Village on foreign newspapers makes many people mistakenly think for 3 minutes to read

The photo of Mr. Bui Van Cuong, a villager of Vu Dai village, the love of Ha Nam, northern Vietnam, wearing an anti-poison mask to store fish, was chosen by The Guardian (UK) as one of the most impressive photos. world yesterday.

In the context of the Covid-19 translation still covering the whole world, and returning to quite complicated developments in Vietnam, many people mistakenly think that the villagers of Vu Dai village are wearing masks to keep Covid in the room while cooking, but not.

In fact, before the appearance of Covid-19, the villagers, famous for their specialty carp, sold throughout the country every Tet occasion, had “initiative” to wear anti-poison masks when storing fish to prevent smoke! The famous warehouse in Vu Dai village is one of the most expensive warehouse fish, with about 500k to more than 1 million VND / pot, but it is not sure what to hold in hand due to the transportation and preservation. is extremely difficult with a product made entirely by hand.

Braised fish is black carp, size 3-4 kg / fish, with completely natural marinade, along with bacon, bone broth and crab core. Fish must be stored in a clay pot and cooked with longan wood. Especially, the fish pot in Vu Dai village is certain to cook for 15-16 hours continuously. Therefore, the cook had to take turns standing day and night to keep the fire from going out and add more water to the pot so that the fish would not burn in the kitchen with dozens of fireplaces that were both hot and smoke.

This is an extremely hard time and not everyone can stand it. Especially the people in charge of this work are quite old because they require experience, seniority is harder when their vision is blocked, causing their eyes to hurt, sometimes choking to breathe. . Therefore, the villagers think of wearing gas masks while storing fish, helping people breathe comfortably, not being obstructed by smoke, as well as when tasting a few dozen fish pots at once, according to Helino.

Covid-19 has affected most industries, but fortunately people still need to eat and still need fish for Tet. So before this Lunar New Year, villagers still receive a lot of orders online. The story of the pot of fish in Vu Dai village and the anti-poison mask becomes a unique and interesting story that has just been published on Reuters, one of the world-famous news agencies.

Source: reuters

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