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Wear headphones when sleeping – Habits are harmless but contain a lot of health risks

Sleeping while wearing headphones is a habit of many smartphone users. But behind that is a lot of dangerous things that we should be careful of.

Why do people often wear headphones when sleeping?

Reduce noise outside

There are many reasons why we have a habit of wearing headphones when we sleep. One of the most important goals is that when you wear headphones, you can forget the noise of vehicles, the noise of the street or the unpleasant sounds of the construction. From there, it gives you a pleasant feeling but is more comfortable, helps you stay away from annoying sounds and can enjoy deep sleep.

Relax with music

Music is one of the very important things in mental stability, helping us to feel more relaxed and relaxed. Many people have an interest in listening to music before going to bed, and music as "fairy medicine" helps us to sink into deep sleep without dreaming.

Studies show that music helps to reduce your breathing and heart rate. Listening to music before going to bed can relax your mind, help your body relax and focus more on sleep, instead of other annoying daytime thoughts.

In addition, the same music helps stimulate the production of Serotonin, a chemical created in the brain that makes us feel happy and relaxed. When you are in such a pleasant mood, sleeping becomes much easier.

Treatment of insomnia and PTSD

Studies have shown that listening to music while sleeping can be a great form of treatment for people with PTSD or insomnia, as it can relax their mind and improve sleep quality. Therefore, wearing headphones and enjoying the music will be extremely useful for those who are difficult to sleep, not deep sleep, especially the elderly.

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But … It's not always good to wear headphones when sleeping is good for the body!

Just sleeping and wearing headphones is not entirely healthy for you if you use it incorrectly and at the right time. Otherwise, headphones can damage your ears and nerves. Here are the harmful effects of wearing headphones when sleeping, you should be careful.

Accumulated ear wax

The most dangerous is that some types of in-ear headphones have a long body, if you sleep sideways, you may be lying on the earpiece, or when you wear it too deep, it will easily lead to the risk of accumulating in the ear. . The reason is that the earbuds will block air circulation around your ears, making the wax easier to press into your eardrum. If too much accumulation of earwax, the removal will be more difficult, resulting in the ear being vulnerable to earwax.

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Causing external ear infections

In the worst case, the skin around your ear canal will slowly erode, creating a fluid that flows into your ear. This will also lead to pain in the outer ear. The ear canal is important because it connects the outer ear to the eardrum. This condition is quite common in swimmers but can also occur in people who regularly wear headphones.

Therefore, you will have to be careful when wearing them to sleep. Besides, if your headphones don't fit, they will put pressure on the skin inside your ear canal. The skin will start to wear down, and necrosis may occur.

May damage the eardrum

The type of music you hear also affects your ear health. If you listen to fast-paced music like pop, rock or hip hop, these are the types of music that tend to make sense of excitement, so that users tend to open the volume. higher than normal, affecting the eardrum.

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Emergency situations

The fact that everyone feels uncomfortable is that people who wear headphones often don't hear what happens around them. This can help the wearer focus but accidentally makes them unaware of the imminent dangers, especially in an emergency, such as a house fire alarm or burglar alarm, even lice is the alarm bell of the watch.

So how to safely wear headphones when sleeping?

Moderate volume

A prerequisite when wearing headphones is to adjust the volume to moderate, not too loud. Also avoid sleeping with headphones while the phone is charging as this can easily lead to an electric shock. In addition, it is recommended to set the time to turn off the music so that when you fall asleep, the sound will be cut off, saving battery life and reducing the negative impact on the ear.

Use appropriate equipment

The most important thing is to choose a headset that fits nicely, does not cause discomfort or discomfort when you lie on your left / right side. In addition, you should also consider using Bluetooth headsets because it will not cause problems when changing positions when sleeping.

Sforum - Latest technology information page bose-sleepbuds-1zlp-e1563595506118 Wearing headphones while sleeping - Harmless habit but hidden with many health risks  If you're sleeping alone in a room, try using the radio instead of headphones. If you don't have a radio, you can also use the TV in music-only mode.

Choose a type of song that is good for sleep

Everyone has their own musical taste, especially in choosing songs to listen to when sleeping. Some people like to sleep with fast-paced music while others prefer slow tunes to relax. The ideal type of song to listen to when you want to sleep is a song that is close to your heart rate – from 60 to 80 BPM (beat / minute). You can search for songs within that range using the application.


As technology grows, devices coming out to better meet users' needs are also when we need to learn how to use these devices properly, so as not to affect our health. . Wearing headphones when sleeping is a habit to help people have a quieter sleep, but it will be even more wonderful if we learn how to use them so as not to damage the ears.

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