Weapons factory explosion in Serbia

Weapons factory explosion in Serbia

A massive explosion rocked the Sloboda arms factory in Cacak, central Serbia on June 19, injuring at least three workers, Serbia’s state broadcaster RTS reported, according to the AP news agency. .

According to the above source, a loud explosion was heard at nearly 8 pm (1am on June 20, Hanoi time) and was followed by a few smaller explosions. The injured workers were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Authorities ordered the evacuation of people from the area around the Sloboda factory, which is still under lockdown.

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Explosion image. Photo: Glasamerike

“There was a big explosion, the house shook and then we saw a huge mushroom cloud,” said a man who lives near the plant, 60-year-old Milorad.

There has been no official statement about the incident yet. Cacak Mayor Milun Todorovic told state broadcaster RTS: “Fortunately the explosion did not occur in the production area.”

According to Reuters, this is the second explosion this month at the Slobada plant. Fortunately, no one was injured in the explosion that occurred at the warehouse of this factory on June 4.

A similar explosion in 2003 killed three workers at the Slobada plant, while a 2010 explosion caused no casualties.

Sloboda is the largest ammunition factory in Serbia. The site was targeted during NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign during the war in Kosovo.



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