We went to buy genuine Mac mini M1 at CellphoneS

Cuhiep asked me about the reason to buy a Mac mini when I have a MacBook? Actually, I have a big plan, I want to turn the Mac mini into a computer that can be carried every day instead of just fixing it on the desk. I think of a suitcase (like a spy suitcase), then remove the Mac mini, monitor, keyboard, trackpad, power supply, hub, cord, … everything in that all-in-one suitcase. .

Details of the plan and implementation, please see you in a different article!


CellphoneS staff discussed with me and cuhiep about the currently available options, I want to buy 16GB of RAM but have to wait until the end of January, so I just bought the 8GB version in advance.


Slitting seal machine : D The version I bought is 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, is priced at 22,500,000 VND


Remove the device and see if there is anything in the box.


There is a power cable No. 8 and the standard Vietnamese plug, black.

I choose a 512GB device: The price at CellPhoneS is as follows:

– Mini M1 capacity 8/256: 19,500,000 VND
– Mini M1 capacity 8/512: 22,500,000 VND. -> 21,500,000 VND in HCM, 23,500,000 VND in Hanoi
– Mini M1 capacity 16/256: 25,000,000 VND
– Mini M1 capacity 16/512: 30,000,000 VND

At this point the Mac mini has 8GB of RAM. 16GB version will follow.

. (Mikeknowsme)

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