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Evaluation ☆☆☆☆☆ (7 points) All 12 episodes

Synopsis Masaki Yooka, the hero who grew up in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, has big waves that keep washing the beach for a year, such as being able to be free on the sea.Quote-Wikipedia

  1. The work is drowning

    1. surfing
    2. Dialogue turning
    3. daily
    4. General Assembly
    5. accident
    6. High school student
    7. General Assembly
    8. e?
  2. General comment: What is this

    1. Personal impression: Planning collapse

The work is drowning

This work is a media mix work by MAGES.
The TV animation is made up of one cool composition that was released as a theater trilogy last year.
It is a broadcast work.
Directed by Takaharu Ozaki, produced by Asahi Production


Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 1
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

At the beginning of the first episode, as you can see from the title, it starts with the surfing scene.
It’s really “CG”! Although it is a drawing of a crunchy sea and characters,
The surfing scene that surfs when slimy is not bad,
By surfing each character
The main character is shown at once.

But that’s not particularly interesting.
It is said that the character will be up in the scene of jumping from the wave
There is only one pattern of appearance, and there are differences for each character.
There is only a board design.
It makes similar scenes look similar with similar compositions.

Without the coronavirus, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020,
That “surfing” will also attract attention as a new competition
I know it’s a work in anticipation,
The charm of surfing is not transmitted from the beginning.

Dialogue turning

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 1
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

From the first episode, I feel a sense of discomfort in the dialogue of the script.
The hero who woke up in the morning was walking the dog
I met a man who was surfing
It’s a solid beginning that triggers you to start surfing.
For such a solid beginning, the main character’s line is as follows.

“The appearance of him riding the waves never disappeared from my heart.
It ’s like a wave that pulls back and returns. ”

I laugh at the solid expression of “waves that come and go”.
I feel like I can’t say the opposite when I try to say something good,
It sounds like a gag.

The surfer that the hero met in the morning is actually a transfer student,
A shocking reunion (laughs)

No other anime, light novel, or manga has been rubbed like this.
Rather, it is more often used as a “gag” these days.
It’s as if you’re looking at a script textbook to see how it starts too solid
It’s solid.

For some reason, there are classmates who are always playing the ukulele,
All the girls in my classmates are in heat
I should be drawing a story seriously
It only looks like a gag.

The poemy line of the protagonist with a floating tooth
Tickle the flank on the side you are looking at.
Such a hero was interested in surfing after seeing the transfer student’s surfing,
Start surfing.

The hero who has never surfed and should not be able to swim in the first place.
Originally, if you are a beginner, it should take days to stand on the board,
He easily succeeds in the first try.


Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 3
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

While practicing surfing, I don’t particularly participate in competitions.
While drawing the daily life of the three main characters
It is the beginning to deepen the relationship between the three.
Although it is not BL, there are also gestures and scenes that make you feel that way,
There is also a bath scene like every episode.

They are not a surfing club either.
A 14-year-old junior high school student (although it looks like an adult)
There is also a course for each.

It ’s just “surfing in everyday life”
Because it’s a hobby that doesn’t even have an advisor watching
Accidents occur because of such daily life.
Because it is a beginner hero, he does not care about danger
You may even jump into the stormy sea.

Surfer accidents are common in reality.
While portraying the joy of surfing, the danger is also properly addressed.
Surfing seems to be the closest sport to heaven,
Sometimes they are led by the beckoning of angels.

Isn’t it better not to play such a dangerous sport?When
You might think for a moment, but don’t dig into it.
One year has passed in no time,
The hero has improved without knowing anything, but don’t rush.

General Assembly

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 3
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

Participate in the tournament when it comes to episode 3.
Just like the scene drawn at the beginning of episode 1
Even if the character changes, what you are doing does not change,
I’m not sure because the scoring method is not explained easily.

Even though it’s a sport called surfing that looks like an animation
There are many scenes where you can’t feel the fun of animation,
The surfing time of waiting for the waves and riding the waves is also short.
Because of that, the sport of “surfing” is not so good.
I can’t see the sportiness and the awesomeness of each character at all.

Even if it is said that the hero has won
I do not know the difference in ability between the opponent and the hero, only the result is transmitted.
The hero loses in the middle of the tournament,
I just lost because I fell off the board.

“What a technique!”

Although the rival character praises, the awesomeness of the technique
Looking at it, it doesn’t seem to come through.
I haven’t been able to show it as an animation and tell the game.
It makes me say that I won or lost in the character’s dialogue.

The badness of drawing is also remarkable,
Although I managed to keep the surfing scene using CG,
There are many scenes that make you feel like “Isn’t it reusable?”
It is a pattern in which most people ride on the waves and make one revolution to land on the water.
Although I understand that “height” and “how many times I got on” are one of the scoring criteria,
I don’t really understand the difference in height.

The faces of the characters in everyday scenes are pretty close.
Even though they are junior high school students in the first place, they can only be seen by adults
The discomfort of character design is also terrible,
If you don’t have a certain physique, you can play the sport of surfing
I understand that it is difficult to draw, but then from the beginning it is about “high school student”
Wasn’t the setting better? I feel that.

However, in terms of the story, after appearing in the early tournament
I have a goal of “I want to participate in the world championships”
The direction of this work is finally visible.


Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 2
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

I think I could see such a direction,
One of the three main characters is in bad weather
I surf in the dangerous situation of high waves and go missing.
Only the thrown board was found, not the person in question.

Did you search, are you missing, or are you dead?
Such details are not drawn at all,
Although the hero who is depressed and does not surf is drawn,
“What happened to him who went missing?”
I’m curious.

The surrounding characters are apparently missing, “Show”
It has a “dead” mood.
Staring at the sea, the rugged depression scene of the hero who does not surf
Although it can be shown, there is no definitive depiction or dialogue
It makes me sick.

“I should have done surfing .. Then I thought like this ..”

The protagonist’s words clearly sound like the show is dead.
The voice and appearance of the “show” heard by the hero sinking in the sea
The hero who overcomes the death of his friend and rides the waves again.
The development of recovering from frustration and challenging surfing again
Probably because the show died.

However, for some reason, no definitive line comes out.

High school student

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 8
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

In the middle stage, the hero goes on to high school.
My friendship changed from when I was in junior high school, so I moved to Shonan and moved to Shonan.
He devotes himself more to “surfing”.

Rivals who fought in the tournament in the early stages become friends in the middle stage.
We delve into the characters properly, and the relationships between the characters are also well documented.
Although the surfing element is not interesting,
As a youth, it is a way of drawing the royal road,
It’s not bad if you look only at that part.

In the middle stage, you can delve into the characters of the main characters’ rivals.
Although everyday life is drawn and the story progresses toward the tournament,
There is no strong excitement, it is plain.
From the beginning, the content of each episode is thin.

For example, nerdy surfers such as episode 8
Depressed that my favorite anime series might end this year,
I was worried about him, but it was a story of recovering from something.
There are many stories that I don’t care about, and the story in the middle stage
There are many stories that “it doesn’t matter if you don’t see it”, and it’s hard to leave an impression.

General Assembly

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 9
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

Although the second tournament begins in episode 9, the main character is easily eliminated.
Although he lost in the first tournament and did not advance to the final, he lost again in the second tournament.
The scene of each surfing is short, and the one-pattern scene is still
There is no fun and it doesn’t get excited even when the tournament starts.

There is no excitement in a tournament where only the results are drawn in the digest.
I understand that the losing hero wants to create a development for special training,
Can’t we make the story a little more exciting? It’s not as exciting as I think.
This work does not draw the main axis of this work called “surfing” in an interesting way.

At the end of the day, I went to Hawaii, the sanctuary of surfing, for special training,
While meeting the dead show brother
Grow mentally and technically.

And the final story.


Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 12
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

I’m still training in the A part of the final episode.
Is it really the final story?At a relaxed tempo
Everyday life is drawn, the hero returns to the hometown and is immersed in “memories”,
Finally in a place of memories, my thoughts on the show that died
It is drawn that it was digested as the main character.

And the tournament finally starts with 10 minutes remaining in the final episode.
After all, this work can’t really describe “surfing”.
It is a story composition because it is not possible to draw a tournament with a scale.
The final episode is just like a digest, just like the previous tournaments.
Draw crispy and you’re done.

That’s how it ends like this work,
If it ends here, the story will be organized as it is,
This work does something that doesn’t make sense.

After all, a show that should have died comes out.
I don’t know what you’re saying, but I don’t understand either.

His brother, who resembles a show, is watching the protagonists surfing
While I was looking at something, I caught something at the edge of my field of vision and looked back and chased, but I lost sight of it.
By the way, although the show face is similar
Shaw’s brother wears a black shirt and has different hair divisions.

When the scene changes, a show wearing a white shirt appears,
Watching their game, leaving the venue alone.
I don’t really understand the meaning (laughs)

Put out that dead mood and actually live
It feels like it’s disappeared,
Then it doesn’t make sense to say nothing to the protagonists.

In the first place, the story was going on with that much “dead”
I don’t understand the meaning of the development that was actually alive in the final episode,
Explain why he doesn’t say anything to the protagonists
It’s over, and it ends without really understanding the reason.

General comment: What is this

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 12
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

It’s a work that doesn’t make sense on the whole.
It is a work of a solid element called youth animation with the theme of surfing,
In such a solid situation, the death of the main character and the recovery and growth from there
The story of friendship was supposed to be drawn.

Although there is a problem that it is drawn lightly and the excitement is thin,
Still, there is a daily part that you can enjoy safely,
Although the surfing tournament scene is exciting,
As such, it was shaped as a sports youth animation.

However, in the final episode, the chabudai is turned over.
Meet the show, make friends with the show, learn about the joy of surfing,
At the same time, the hero who knew the fear of surfing
Organize the show’s thoughts within yourself, grow, and fight with friends and rivals
It must have been a story of re-engaging the fun of surfing.

The show’s “death” was necessary in this story.
However, when it was discovered that he was alive in the final episode,
What was the story of this work? I would think.
Why didn’t you come to see me even though I was alive in the first place?
What happened to him remains a mystery.

It may be a kind of living spirit, but it is not drawn that way.
In sunglasses that the spirits didn’t wear before they were alive
It won’t appear (laughs)

Regarding the surfing part, in the medium of animation
The expression is sweet, one-pattern appearance, too short game scenes, etc.
It’s been fun as an animation,
It’s a work that you can’t really feel the fun and awesomeness of surfing.

Although there were various minor problems,
There is a problem that makes all the small problems irrelevant
It came out in the final episode, and what was this work?
It was a work that was filled with doubts.

Personal impression: Planning collapse

Image source: WAVE !! ~ Surfing Yape !! ~ From episode 5
© MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee

In the first place, the feeling of slipping at the time of the theater trilogy is amazing,
Even if the same content is made into one cool composition with animation,
For those who went to see it, they were just showing the same content,
It looks like you paid for what.

Not really, but I don’t want to see this work in the theater.
The quality of drawing is low even when viewed as a TV animation,
CG-like surfing scenes and unstable face drawing of Kyara, etc.
If you look at it on the screen, it looks like it will stand out.

The social network game that I have been doing since March has only been in operation for 3 days.
It seems that the end of service has been decided (bitter smile)
It was a work of media mix planning, but it is a work with a great sense of collapse.

It is strange that there is no serialization such as manga even though it is a media mix.
I was hoping that at least a manga version would come out and the mystery of the show would be revealed there.
Not even that.

The feeling of straying in the project itself may have led to the straying of the story …

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