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Wave 125i free of charge, molting with a series of terrible equipment

(Techz.vn) The Wave 125i degree is “covered” with a series of high-value toys from famous brands, attracting viewers right from the first time.

This Wave 125i is imported from Thailand with a price of about 70 million VND. Based on the image, it can be seen that the Wave 125i is fitted with rare 14-row Brembo RCS shackles in place of the original brake shackles. This Brembo RCS 14 shackles model makes it easy for the car to precisely regulate the braking force of the zin pig or 1-2pis pig. On the Brembo RCS 14 cluster, there are also knobs and broken arms.

The unique version of the Wave 125i

Meanwhile, the scooter part of the car is covered with Ariete gloves with a simple design but offers high grip, increasing safety when traveling in rainy days.

Wave 125i degrees
The scooter part has a high grip

Down to the wheel, the oil is transmitted to the toy pig through a rope of oil Hel press Earl’s head. This model is currently valued at 1-2 million VND in the market. The yellow-sprayed Brembo brakes with the large front logo are a key element of the car’s steady braking performance.

Wave 125i degrees
Wave 125i accelerates faster than the normal version

Besides, there is a yellow Excel brace, which helps to reduce the weight of the car, thereby allowing the car to accelerate faster.

Wave 125i degrees
Brembo RCS shackles 14

The cow’s head cover, four chopsticks are polished, making the machine details stand out more. Along with that is the Salaya titanium bonnet with a large gourd-shaped neck and relatively artistic and even hand-shaped flanges. With this shape, the titanium neck helps the car to keep a certain amount of steam to minimize throttle and create a warm, crisp, sounding sound.

Wave 125i degrees
The Salaya titan tion

Overall, this build has been successful in demonstrating the car owner’s aesthetic appeal as the iridescent gold details are perfectly combined with the white background of the car, creating a unique, unique-degree Wave 125i. this.

Wave 125i degrees
Titanium neck


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