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watchOS 6 will allow users to delete system apps to save memory space

The new watchOS 6 version will allow users of Apple Watch devices to delete unused system applications to save space.

At the present time, for older watchOS versions, users of Apple Watch devices will only be able to delete installed 3rd party applications from the App Store, as well as system apps that are present. both watchOS and iOS. This means that if the user uninstalls iOS apps, the apps included on watchOS will also be uninstalled. However, this may change on the new watchOS 6 version, Apple will allow users to completely remove the system application installed only on the Apple Watch.

This feature is especially useful when the Apple Watch device is running low on memory and needs to "clean up" some unused applications. Applications such as ECG ECG measurements are only available in certain markets that can now be completely removed. And if users want to reinstall these applications, they can go to the App Store and reload easily.

Sforum - Latest technology information Screenshot_2019-06-20-WatchOS-6-Pesquisa-Google2 watchOS 6 will allow users to delete system apps to save memory space

However, there will still be some applications that cannot be removed, such as Heart Rate and Messages. At the current version of watchOS 6 Beta, the system uninstaller feature will not be integrated, though Apple said it will soon integrate in subsequent updates.

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