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Watching TV before going to bed makes women gain weight?

The light emitted from the TV screen or night light has a certain connection to the risk of weight gain and obesity, according to a new study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The likelihood of a woman increasing to 5 kg within 5 years is relatively high for the group that is frequently exposed to light in the bedroom.

The probability for participants to increase by 5 kg in light conditions established by researchers is 17%, while the probability of being overweight is 22% and obesity is up to 33%. The study results were obtained after analyzing data collected from 43,722 American women aged 35 – 74. This data was derived from a study conducted in the period from 2003 to 2009, recorded Get a range of information about one's sleeping habits and their body mass index (BMI).

There are 4 factors related to bedroom lights that are collected, including: no light, light in the room, light outside the room and light from a lamp or TV set in the room. The more exposed to artificial light, the more likely a woman will be overweight.

Currently researchers have not yet made any claims about this phenomenon, they just point out the relationship between the two problems is sleeping with lights and gaining weight. Of course, a lot of research is still needed to find out about things.

In fact, a study published in 2016 gave evidence that night light exposure could increase an average of 10% of the mass index over a 10-year period in people. old. Earlier, we knew that exposure to light from electronic devices would delay the biological clock and affect metabolism.

And the new research results will add to the list of issues caused by this light source to the body, thereby making more timely and conscious adjustments on the severity of the problem to the end. The same is to ensure a healthy life.


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