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Watching and streaming video online generates more than 300 million tons of CO2 per year

Among them, the service of watching movies like Netflix accounts for 1/3 of the emissions, equivalent to the level created by watching porn videos. In fact, the figure of 300 million tons of CO2 mentioned in the article title accounts for nearly 1% of global annual emissions.

These numbers are given by a project called The Shift Project done by French experts. Earlier this year, the group estimated that the digital technology industry emitted at least 4% of greenhouse gas emissions to the environment and this figure is expected to reach 8% by 2025.

To produce the final result, the team conducted data collection from companies that can list global traffic such as Cisco or Sandvine. After obtaining this number, they began to deduce the amount of electricity consumed for streaming and watching videos by various devices from smartphones to TVs.

Finally, the team calculates the global emissions generated by these actions based on the average emissions in the power generation process. In 2018, online video estimates account for 60% of electricity consumption. The definition of online video is said to not include tasks such as video call.

Videos posted on the Internet are becoming more and more quality (for example, up to 8K), which will make the emissions even stronger.


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