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Watch the video VinFast Fadil try to collide in Korea and clarify the ASEAN NCAP safety standards

Last weekend, I could see the video of VinFast Fadil being tested for collision in Korea, and read a friend's share of ASEAN NCAP safety standards for cars. These two things seem unrelated but more or less related to each other. So I want to bring back the information to help you somewhat better understand the safety standards of a car in general, as well as with locally assembled cars in particular.

First, VinFast brought its small car model to the General Motor Technical Center of Korea for safety and collision testing. Items inspected for VinFast Fadil's prototypes include: Testing the sensor system at a speed of 26km / h; The test hit the front directly at 64km / h and the Test hit the hip at 50km / h. The video below captures the process of testing in 2 cases of face-to-face and side-by-side collisions.

In the video and at the end of the video, do you see VinFast announcing that the small size test car and I passed the test "Application of ASEAN NCAP standards"If you do not know who the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) is – the Commission for Evaluation of New Cars for Southeast Asian Countries, what can they do to refer to this article: Learn about ASEAN NCAP.

In this article, the factors and standards that ASEAN NCAP examines the safety of a new car according to the 5-star scale are clearly indicated. However, there is an important point not to mention that the models certified by ASEAN NCAP are on a scale of safety must be checked at their technical center located in Malacca, Malaysia. If tested elsewhere, it is understandable that it is not ASEAN NCAP certified. Moreover, ASEAN NCAP will also have an official press release and details of the results of the tested cars official website.

So, VinFast Fadil currently does not have a safety certificate from ASEAN NCAP (June 2019) due to independent testing by VinFast with support from General Motors of Korea. Anyway, VinFast Fadil is also a rare model that is actively carried out to test against international standards. Because the cost of inspection and obtaining a safety certificate is very expensive, almost all assembled cars in Vietnam so far have not been brought to ASEAN NCAP for trial registration. : D

Here are the safety test results in 3 categories of VinFast Fadil supplied by the manufacturer:

After closing, when buying a car you can refer to the safety score to reinforce your peace of mind (of course, which cars have been tested by ASEAN NCAP). However, it is unlikely that models that are not tested are unsafe models. It does not mean that models that only receive 1-2 stars are not worth buying because they can fit other criteria such as aesthetics, price or simple use purposes of users …


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