Watch the bad shark being "destroyed" by a fish in the ocean bottom in the blink of an eye - Photo 1.

Watch the bad shark being "destroyed" by a fish in the ocean bottom in a flash

The team at the American Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently took the opportunity to capture the unexpected moment on the ocean floor, located 128 kilometers off the coast of South Carolina.

The video recorded a small shark being eaten by a rather large fish living on the bottom of the ocean in the blink of an eye. The video was shot on the expedition "Windows to the Deep 2019". Then the researchers' Deep Discoverer is on a journey towards a shipwreck at a depth of about 449 meters below the ocean surface.

Surprisingly, they caught a dead swordfish about 2.5 meters long and lay on the seabed. At that time, a small herd of 11 or so sharks were rushing to bite and eat the bad fish.

The team found that the fish seemed to be dead for only a few hours. However, the body of the fish was not intact with hundreds of tear marks. At the feast, there are two shark species: Squalus clarkae (Genie's dogfish) and roughskin dogfish. These are two rare shark species and usually appear only at depths of 216-610 meters at the bottom of the sea.

While filming the sharks shoveling the swordfish, the researchers were surprised to see a rather large fish belonging to the wreckfish (wreckfish) that suddenly came and grabbed a small shark. swimming near the swordfish.

Watching the scene of the ill-fated shark being "destroyed" by a fish in the ocean bottom - Photo 2.

The team said that some of the larger predators chose not to eat the swordfish but use it to lure more "prey" to it.

NOAA claims, these precious movies are not always caught on the ocean floor. Everything is simply a coincidence but has tremendous research value.

The scene is recorded in the seventh dive of the expedition. Researchers are looking for the wreck of the ship Bloody Marsh. This was a tanker sunk during World War II off South Carolina due to torpedoing by the German army.

The whole evolution of the sharks of small sharks and the scene of the fish devoured the small shark

Refer to Newsweek

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