Watch movies in MKV format with VLC
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Watch movies in MKV format with VLC

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Not all multimedia playback software supports the MKV format. In VLC, it is possible to watch movies in files with this extension and the opening procedure does not differ in any way from that performed for other formats.

MKV is a container format that can store multiple audio, video and subtitle tracks in a single file. Therefore, it is widely used to distribute films online. However, some software, including Windows Media Player, standard on computers with the Microsoft system, are not compatible. To play MKV content, you will need to use VLC Media Player.

How to play MKV files with VLC

There is no secret to opening MKV files in VLC. The procedure is the same as for any other extension. With the program open, go to Media > Open file (or use the shortcut Ctrl + O) and select the MKV file on your hard drive:

Playback will start immediately. If your movie has audio tracks in multiple languages, you can choose your language on the tab Audio the top bar. Subtitles, as the name suggests, can be selected in the tab Subtitles.

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