Watch movies, Blu-ray discs with Nero Blu-ray Palayer on Nero 2015

Watch movies, Blu-ray discs with Nero Blu-ray Palayer on Nero 2015

On Nero 2015 Nero Blu-ray Palayer add-on helps users to watch Blu-ray directly on this software. Let ElectrodealPro learn about this function through the following article.

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In the previous article, ElectrodealPro showed you how burn data discs using Nero 2015. In the article below, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to watch movies, Blu-ray discs right on Nero 2015, you will watch.
download nero 2015
Watch movies, Blu-ray discs with Nero Blu-ray Palayer on Nero 2015

Download Nero 2015 burning software: Download Nero 2015

Step 1: Start Nero 2015 up, at the main interface you click Nero Blu-ray Palayer.

Step 2: Then you will have the main interface of this software
See address bluray bang nero 2015
Step 3: To open, click Open below the toolbar and then select, if watching directly from the disc, choose your Blu-ray drive (drive E) or you can open from the files stored on your computer in the folder folder. .
Watch the video on nero state blu ray 2015
After selecting, just sit and enjoy the high quality movies with this Nero Blu-ray Palayer tool.

Some other options for you:
– Options: Here you can change the language, customize sound quality as well as images, 3D view or change the interface …
nero 2015
– View in full screen mode (full screen), control keys …
watch movies on nero 2015
Thus, it can be said that Nero Blu-ray Palayer is a great tool for you to enjoy high-quality movies (Blu-ray), they are not inferior to other Blu-ray software. .
Beside download Nero to burn discs, watch movies on Blu-ray disc you can also download Macgo Blu ray Player or Aurora Bluray Media Player to your computer to watch movies or Blu-ray discs.


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