Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24/11

Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24/11

Accompanying the Vietnam team at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, this article will guide you on how to watch Vietnam vs Cambodia live at 19:30 on November 24 for those who cannot watch on television.

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After a somewhat unfortunate draw against Myanmar with Van Toan’s contested goal, the Vietnamese team will continue the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 with the final group stage match against Cambodia (disqualified) at the stadium. Hang Day Cave. The match will be held at 19:30 on November 24. Readers who do not have the conditions to watch the match between Vietnam and Cambodia on television can follow our guide to watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19:30 on November 24 below.

Watch Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 11/24

Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24/11

Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24/11

Link Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24/11 on Mainstream Channels VTV6, VTV6 HD and VTC3

How to see
To watch the match live, invite readers to choose the channels:
LINK # 1 | LINK # 2 | LINK # 3

In addition, readers can watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia through famous football software Sopcast or Acestream, ElectrodealPro will update the link before the match. 15 to 30 minutes.

– For those who want to use Sopcast to watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia, see how install Sopcast before here.

– For those who want to use Ace stream to watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia, see how Install Ace Stream before here.

Link Watch live Vietnam vs Cambodia on phone

You can watch Vietnam vs Cambodia live on VTV Go application or FPT Play, these are the two most popular applications for VTV6 channel.

– If you do not know how to use FPT Play, you can refer to the article on how to install FPT Play to watch TV online.

Download VTV Go for your phone

Download VTV Go for Android
Download VTV Go for iPhone

Download FPT Play for your phone

Download FPT Play for Android
Download FPT Play for iPhone

Download VTC Now for your phone

Download VTC Now for Android
Download VTC Now for iPhone

– You can refer to the tutorial to watch VTC live on your phone and computer.

– Refer to the article on how to watching football online on computers, laptops, and phones shared on ElectrodealPro.

So what scenario for the 4 teams present in the Knock-out round?

There is a very interesting thing at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 even though there are 4 teams that are definitely eliminated including Indonesia, Dong Ti Mor, Laos, Cambodia, but the remaining teams are not sure to top or second in the group. Especially in Group B, when 3 teams from Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore all have the opportunity to continue after what they have shown in the previous 3 matches.

In Group A, the Vietnamese team is a team with a high ability to win the top of the table today. Currently our team has 7 points after 3 matches, the same score as the Myanmar team, but is poor in the sub-index, so it temporarily stands at number 2. Vietnam has a goal difference of 5 / 0 and Myanmar holds the number 7/2.

However, in the last match, the Vietnamese team only had to meet the weakest opponent in Laos, Cambodia. In the history of the confrontation, Cambodia has not been able to have a draw, let alone a victory against Vietnam, so it is unlikely that Cambodia can make a surprise at Hang Day on Saturday. We just need to have a strong victory over Cambodia to be sure to be at the top of the table.

However, we can also consider another possibility that Myanmar won the Malaysian match at the same time as the match of Vietnam. However, probably only Myanmar people dream of such an outcome when this team has to do differently on the Malaysian field with the pressure of more than 100,000 fans.

Watch Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24 11 2

In Group B, in the last match, Thailand will welcome Singapore at home and the Philippines will have a trip to meet Indonesia. Although Indonesia has been eliminated, this team is still considered a strong team and they will do everything for their honor and Singapore can totally surprise Thailand.

Currently Thailand and the Philippines have 7 points, Singapore has 6 points. The most likely scenario of this group is that Thailand will win the first place because they have a much higher goal difference than the Philippines of 12/3 and 5/3 and as mentioned above, Indonesia will do everything to save their honor in front of home fans even if they are eliminated so the Philippines will hardly have a big win over Indonesia if not say they can lose to Indonesia.

If Thailand draws Singapore and the Philippines lose to Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore will lead together to the semi-finals because the goal difference of Singapore is now much higher than the Philippines 7/2, and if Singapore wins Thailand, the Philippines wins. Indonesia, Thailand will be eliminated, but the possibility of Thailand being eliminated is very unlikely because Singapore is unlikely to surpass Thailand in terms of current level.

Watch Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on 24 11 3
After all, whether the Vietnamese team won the top of the group or not, we cannot decide our opponents by ourselves because the progress in Group B has not been finalized, in football we cannot say before. the thing until the end of the match is not it. Not to mention that our goal in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 is to win, so no matter which team we meet, we must win, if we do not meet first, we will meet later. However, we still need to win against Cambodia first, hopefully with the tutorial article Live Vietnam vs Cambodia 19h30 on November 24 can help you avoid having trouble watching the match.


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