Watch Dogs Legion can allow players to play … NPC

Watch Dogs Legion can allow players to play … NPC

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The third version of the "haxx0r" series from Ubisoft – Watch Dogs Legion, is expected to bring a rather strange and ambitious function.

With work Assassin’s Creed "Take a break" this year and Ghost Recon Wildlands In the upcoming October, Ubisoft still has a "blank" space to fill an AAA game again around the beginning of next year.

And what's more appropriate Watch Dogs, an open-world adventure action game series with the first "banana seed" version, but disrupts skepticism with convincing sequels just two years later?

Of course, work Watch Dogs 3 Whether or not it is only a matter of time, what fans need to do is … wait Assassin’s Creed Discharge "whisper" (because Ubisoft tends to rotate its open-world game brand year after year, without any Tom Clancy-labeled game), as well as waiting to see if the information about the game takes place London, England is 100% real or not.

And in quite a move … coincidence, Watch Dogs 3 – Exactly is Watch Dogs Legion, was "accidentally or intentionally" leaked on Amazon's UK branch store page.

Most notably, the description line is attached to the store page. Thereby, Watch Dogs Legion "will be set in a London under the antagonistic nature (dystopia) in the post-Brexit period in which society, politics and technology have changed the future of this city."

Even more shocking is that it also has a line describing the game's mechanism, indicating that players can "play anyone, and every individual you encounter in the open world has gestures and voices. , unique characteristics and shapes / costumes, created and driven by game systems. ”

One of the major highlights of both versions Watch Dogs is to allow players to look at the identity and basic information of the NPC, the second version also allows players to interact with them in a variety of ways (including … creating false evidence to attract police to arrests).

It can be said that allowing players to play the role of NPC is almost a step of developing a rather natural and daring mechanism of Watch Dogs Legion – as well as quite reasonable with the name of the game.

Fun information on the sidelines: this is not really a new mechanism. Driver: San Francisco, the fifth version of Ubisoft Reflections' racing game series, also has the same mechanism, allowing players to "enter" the civilian vehicles along the way.

The interesting coincidence is that San Francisco is also the context of Watch Dogs 2. Watch Dogs Legion will also be the second game from Ubisoft set in London but different from the timeline, next to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Not long after the above information leaked, Twitter's page Watch Dogs officially confirmed the game and promised to "open the mask" at Ubisoft's upcoming press conference E3 2019.

If you feel this promotion is a little … familiar, then it is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey also had "leaked" in the same way, stepping out of "light" on Twitter along with its logo and said it would appear at E3 last year.

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