Washington is ‘living off’ with an ancient dominant position?

The US Secretary of State firmly believes that other countries are counting on US leadership and has pledged that Washington will do well in this role. The statement was made by Mr. Blinken on his first day as Secretary of State.

American television channels live his speech to his subordinates; in which, the new Secretary of State affirmed that: “The world needs the leadership of the US”.

He noted that the current world is carefully watching the moves of the Washington administration. People want to know that America can heal the country’s wounds or not, they want to see if the United States can still retain its leadership position, is still a typical image for the whole world to look up. look and follow or not.

The head of the State Department pointed out that the international community is paying attention to whether the new Joe Biden administration will correct the mistakes of its predecessor Donald Trump, giving proper attention to diplomacy. with US allies and partners or not,

They need US leadership to stand up to the new challenges of today’s era, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, economic crisis, threat to democracy, he said. fight for racial equality and the threat to world security and stability from the adversaries and enemies of Western Democracy.

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At the same time, the Secretary of State emphasized, “the American people are also watching us, they want to see if we protect the prosperity of the people happy, care about the interests of the Americans or not, and knowing that our foreign policy is driven for the lives of Americans… We still have a lot to do, but I firmly believe that we will succeed ”.

However, before that, National Interest commentator Wallace Gregson wrote that the United States’ international success during the Cold War era before the Soviet Union made Washington too confident in its own inviolability, leading to disorientation.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist bloc in the early 1990s, the United States lost the organizational principles that defined the country’s domestic and foreign policies, leading to the loss of direction in American foreign policy making.

Defense and security expert Wallace Gregson reiterated on National Interest that the Chief of Staff of the United States, Colin Powell, said after the collapse of the Soviet Union: “What must we do? Now when you’ve lost your greatest enemy? “.

Indeed, the Soviet threat posed the framework and scope of organization and planning, not only for military planning, but also foreign policy, as well as a significant part of domestic policy. of the United States during the war, with every government different.

Considering the turmoil that prevails in these fields today, Mr Powell’s question remains unanswered. China’s economic resurgence, the political and military resurgence of Russia, have cost America everything it has gained in the unipolar war.

Nhat Nam


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