Washington decided to correct mistakes in the game Venezuela?

Washington decided to correct mistakes in the game Venezuela?

The United States showed a reduction in trust with Juan Guaido in the Venezuela game

On April 23, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the fact that Washington did not have much faith in the young opposition politician Juan Guaido as its main chess piece in the Venezuelan game, according to TASS. .

Even Washington may not use Guaido in important moves and will soon remove Guaido from the game. This, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, has been proven by the Democratic Transition Plan for Venezuela.

That is the plan for democratic transition for Venezuela was announced by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, not announced by Venezuelan “interim president” Juan Guaido.

“The reality is that the Democratic Transition Plan was announced by the US Secretary of State, not” interim president “of Venezuela. This shows that the US no longer believes in the people they are sponsored, “argued Ms. Zakharova.

Washington decided wrong in Venezuela?
Hastily recognizing Guaido as “the mistake of every mistake” of the Trump administration in the Venezuelan game

As a reminder, on March 31, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the Crisis Plan for Venezuela, including the creation of an Provisional Government composed of representatives from both the opposition and the government. present.

According to the plan announced by Pompeo, the US proposed the establishment of the Venezuelan State Council that will serve as an interim government until the Presidential and Congress elections, which are expected to take place in the next 6. 12 months.

When announcing the plan, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that both elected President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido had to admit that the interim government was the only executive power in the period. transition.

The head of the US foreign affairs department emphasized that if all the conditions of the Democratic Transition Plan for Venezuela were complied with, Washington would withdraw all sanctions against Caracas.

Notably, the Transition for Democracy for Venezuela was announced after the US officially prosecuted President Nicolas Maduro and many other senior officials of Venezuela, on charges of raising terrorism and drug smuggling. .

Specifically, on March 26, US Attorney General William Barr made a criminal charge against Maduro, which had previously faced sanctions and was the goal of Washington’s campaign to push him. out of power position.

According to The New York Times, the indictment claims that a drug trafficking line called the “Sun Gang” sponsored by the Maduro government has turned Venezuela into a transshipment point to nearly 250 tons. drug.

The indictment also stated that the “Sun Gang” had conspiracy to associate with the Columbia Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), which Washington considers an international terrorist organization – to “engulf the United States in drugs”. “.

The rationality for the Justice Minister’s indictment – as explained by experts – is the consequence of the US embargo that Caracas authorities “need” to “risk” – sponsoring terrorism and trafficking selling drugs.

Among Venezueal’s top leaders prosecuted by US Attorney General William Barr along with President Maduro is the Secretary of Defense and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Venezuela.

Washington decided wrong in Venezuela?
William Barr officially activated the script to capture tiger Marudo

After the US Attorney General issued indictment, the US Department of State offered a reward of up to $ 15 million to anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of President Maduro.

Thus, the “political criminalization” of Washington to overthrow the current Venezuelan President was officially activated, after 8 months of foreplay by the guilty entities.

Given that fact, Washington’s democratic transition plan for Venezuela would not have a place for Nicolas Maduro, but the current Venezuelan leader was raised with a key role in the country “to form a government.” provisional “.

And in the same vein, Juan Guaido could not publish the Venezuelan Transitional Democracy Plan – but rather belonged to the young politician when he was considered a pawn in the game of Washington in Venezuela.

Clearly, Washington has made changes in its moves to the Venezuelan game, and reduces the role of Juan Guaido, which can be completely identified as reducing trust with the young politician. This, is the most significant change.

Washington is determined to correct its mistakes?

So far, the Trump administration and other entities have been quick to recognize opposition leader and National Assembly President Juan Guaido as interim president of the country, a major mistake, causing them to fall. at a standstill in Venezuela’s game.

Because after the United Nations only recognized the administration of the current President Maduro as the only constitutional political entity, representing the people and country of Venezuela, all three legs of Mr. Maduro’s power were reinforced.

In particular, after the Maduro administration gained UN legality, Russia implemented the Russia-Venezuela Military Cooperation Agreement, which included bringing military personnel and military technology to Venezuela.

So, even though the Trump administration, along with its allies and other entities, has imposed tough sanctions on relations with Caracas, President Maduro’s power has remained strong.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Guaido is increasingly “losing ground, reducing force” making the patronage of the United States and its allies and entities follow up against the opposition political forces in Venezuela. duckweed.

Washington decided wrong in Venezuela?
Mike Pompeo then released the Plan affirming the indispensable role of the big tiger Maduro

The bad reality that caused the US to build a scenario of “going into a cave to capture tigers” has become urgent. When President Maduro was indicted on charges of cultivating terrorism, tolerating drug offenses, the “tiger arrest scenario” was officially activated.

However, just five days after activating the “tiger capture scenario”, Washington announced the democratic transition plan for Venezuela, which confirmed the key role of Maduro “big tiger” for the democratic process. in the “land of the Miss Worlds”.

This shows that Washington is completely not confident in the “tiger-catching scenario” that can be seen as a way to correct the Trump administration’s mistake for the moves in the Venezuelan chess game, including hastily acknowledging. Juan Guaido.

Yet, it seems that Washington’s strategists have not been comfortable with their tigers and corrective plans, so they have made a new move through which Washington can recognize Washington’s powerlessness. its own flag.

It was the Trump administration on April 18, quietly ordering the transfer of some $ 34 million worth of money from the Venezuelan Central Bank account at Citibank to the opposition-controlled account at the branch of the Project. US Federal Reserve.

This shows that Washington was really concerned about the power of President Nicolas Maduro’s government, even though it had displayed “hundreds of thousands of plans” but still could not overthrow. To fall into this situation, it is clearly due to Washington’s mistake in its moves.

It seems that Washington has not learned the blood experience from mistakes in the games of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, so up to now they are confused with their own moves in the Venezuela game, and increasingly fall into. deadlock.

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