Washing machine evaluation Electrolux UltimateCare900 EWF1141AESA: what's inside the most advanced washing machine of Electrolux? – VnReview

<pre>Washing machine evaluation Electrolux UltimateCare900 EWF1141AESA: what's inside the most advanced washing machine of Electrolux? - VnReview

Last year, VnReview reviewed Electrolux's mid-range UltimateCare 500 washing machine and was impressed with the steam washing technology Vapors Care and its smooth operation in this product. The washing machine in today's review is even more impressive because it is the new high-class washing machine of Electrolux in the Vietnamese market.

Products with 11kg washing capacity, codename UltimateCare900 EWF1141AESA. This washing machine has 2 color options: gray and white. The version we use in this review is gray.

As a premium product, UltimateCare 900 washing machine fully converges the most sophisticated technologies of Electrolux at the present time. In particular, the three most notable highlights in this product are the SensorWash technology that automatically detects the level of dirty of laundry to adjust the mode as well as the washing time, UltraMix technology completely dissolves washing powder both at Low water temperature to increase washing efficiency and keep color for longer lasting clothes and hot steam washing function Vapour Care reduces wrinkles effectively.

In addition, the washing machine also has a Sensor Sensor that automatically detects the actual laundry weight to provide a suitable washing program, integrating Eco Energy technology, Wi-Fi support and other Washing mode is very diverse.

Design overview

The design of the UltimateCare900 looks very healthy with gray and thick metal material, certainly. Gray is also an elegant, delicate color that blends easily with the space of families. The shell is electrostatically painted, easy to clean and has uniform color.

The size is quite compact with a washing machine with 11kg washing capacity.

Although the washing capacity is up to 11kg, the size of the machine is also quite optimal with a height, width and depth of 659 x 600 x 850mm respectively. On the front side, the most striking detail is the ultra-large 3XL lens door that makes it easy to take laundry, even with bulky laundry such as a blanket or bed sheet.

The washing door has extra plastic protection.

Unlike the UltimateCare500 version we had previously evaluated, the washing machine door of this washing machine has an extra protective plastic layer on the inside and is still a very thick, strong toughened glass. The addition of an extra layer of plastic makes the area of ​​the washing door well insulated, no longer hot to the touch of the washing door while it is in the steam washing program. Thus, users can be assured of washing the steam mode without worrying if children accidentally touch the washing door like some models without a plastic layer outside the washing door.

The door arch has a very thick layer of water-proof rubber.

The washer door arch has a large, thick rubber layer and has a metal ring around it to keep the washer door closed so that water does not flow out during the washing process.

Stainless steel Lily washing tub with plastic bumps to increase cleaning efficiency.

Inside, Electrolux's exclusive Lily washing machine. This washing bucket is made of specially punched perforated stainless steel material in round holes and has leaf-shaped plastic edges. According to the manufacturer, the design of the Lily drum allows clothes to absorb water faster and increase cleaning efficiency. This washing bucket can spin with a maximum speed of 1400 rpm, helping to both clean and grime faster.

Laundry detergent compartment has up to 3 compartments: 2 powder / water compartments compartment and fabric softener compartment.

The washing powder compartment is placed in the upper left corner of the washing machine, including 3 powder / water compartments compartments: the left compartment for prewashing and the middle compartment for normal washing functions along with a softener compartment fabric. The main laundry detergent compartment has a detergent loading door, washing powder is pushed up and washing water is pushed down.

According to specifications, UltimateCare washing machine 900 can wash up to 11kg of clothes. However, the actual laundry volume will vary depending on many factors, such as fabric material and washing program.

Littleoutstanding features

The most featured technology introduced by Electrolux in UltimateCare 900 washing machine is the Sensor Wash that automatically detects the level of dirt of clothing to adjust the washing cycle accordingly. This is a technology that only appears on the company's high-end washing machines and is always turned on in permanent mode.

The Wast Sensor automatically recognizes the level of dirt of clothing to adjust the washing and rinsing program accordingly.

According to the manufacturer, the Sensor Wash sensor works both before and during the washing process. Before washing, the machine will recognize the level of dirt of the clothes through the sensor to adjust the washing time to be reasonable. Then during the washing process, the sensor will recognize the amount of detergent to give the appropriate number of rinses. Data from Electrolux shows that SensorWash smart sensor can remove up to 80% of detergent residue (compared with washing machine) EWF12942), make clothes always durable.

The second "specialty" of the Electrlux available on UltimateCare 900 is the UltraMix technology that completely dissolves detergent even when the water washes at low temperatures. This has both effective washing and limiting the condition of washing powder residue on clothes causing skin irritation, itching to the wearer. In addition, evenly dissolving the washing powder / water also helps to reduce the fading of laundry. Fabric softener is also completely dissolved for clothes to keep aroma longer. According to Electrolux, UltraMix technology on UltimateCare 900 reduces the color fade rate by 40% after 52 washes, about a year if counted once per day (UltimateCare 900 comparison results with washing machine EWF12942).

Electrolux's high-end washing machine has UltraMix technology that completely dissolves washing powder / water in low water temperature mode.

As a premium product, this washing machine cannot lack the familiar steam washing function Vapors Care on Electrolux washing machines. When washing in steam washing mode, the machine will use steam for the final washing cycle to reduce wrinkles, save time ironing and remove 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. (test on bacteria and allergens K.pneumoniae, P.aeruginosa, S.aureus). So, this is a particularly useful washing function for families with young children. In Vapor Care washing mode, users can choose from a variety of temperature ranges, from 40 to maximum 90 degrees C. The steam washing function on UltimateCare 900 can be used with most washing programs.

UltimateCare washing machine 900 has a sensor Load Sensor that automatically detects the actual laundry weight to adjust the time, amount of water and energy consumption accordingly. Similar Sensor Sensor Wash, Load Sensor sensor is always enabled in permanent mode.

Besides, Electrolux washing machine with integrated Eco Inverter technology saves 50% of energy consumption compared to conventional Inverter motor (compared to EWF8025EQWA washing machine model), will be a plus for families when electricity costs is escalating now.

The machine supports a very diverse washing mode.

This washing machine also has an additional mode of washing clothes and a lot of laundry programs that cater to a variety of laundry needs. You can wash woolen clothes, baby clothes, thin fabrics, cotton and bedding by private laundry programs. It also has a fast washing mode for 15 minutes, energy saving washing, light washing combined with a new clothes refresher program.

Paypractical test

Control system on UltimateCare900 washing machine looks simple and clear with Vietnamese / English bilingual interface. During use, we can use the washing machine right away without looking at the manual. The left side of the control panel has a rotary button to select the desired washing program. On the right is the screen showing parameters such as washing mode, time, weight of laundry … Sensor Sensor and Load Sensor will automatically recognize the weight of laundry, the degree of dirty of clothes to adjust. Time and proper washing mode. You do not need to add any manipulation, very smart.

Easy-to-use control system, with automatic detection sensors to adjust the washing program.

To test the washing efficiency of UltimateCare 900, VnReview uses specialized tools such as noise meter, power consumption meter combined with actual observation. The laundry is selected with a variety of materials, from cotton, cotton to wool. The washing machine will run in mixed washing mode, wash cotton and wash for 60 minutes, with or without the steam vaporization mode. The settings are at the default level provided by Sensor Sensor and Load Sensor automatically.

During the washing process, the machine operates smoothly and has little vibration even when spinning at a number of 1400 revolutions per minute. This is partly due to the design of the very compact machine, weighing up to 80kg, much heavier than conventional horizontal door washing machines.

The clothes at different washes are not twisted, quite flat and less wrinkled like regular washing machines, thus saving ironing time. Especially in Steam Vapor Care washing mode, the clothes and cotton towels are washed, soft and wrinkled very little, feeling can be worn immediately after drying. In addition, according to observations of VnReview, every time washing machines are constantly reversing clothes at the last minute of the washing cycle to minimize wrinkles and help you get things in the washing tub easily. than.

About ti levelPower consumption, UltimateCare 900 consumes about 0.9 electricity for a mixed wash for more than 2.3 hours in steam wash Vap Care, the highest setting is 90 degrees C. However, when washing The normal mode does not use hot steam, the washing machine consumes very little electricity. Specifically, mixed washing mode with 1 hour 38 minute cycle only runs out of 0.09 electricity.

The machine consumes the most electricity in the mode of washing Steam Vapor Care, more than 0.9 numbers for a batch of laundry.

But in normal washing mode, it is very energy-efficient, only 0.09 electricity for a batch of laundry.

About the ohn when operating, In most washing cycles, the machine works very smoothly, not uncomfortably even when near. Noise is mainly when water is pushed down to the washing bucket and when squeezed at the highest number of turns. When measured by specialized equipment, the highest noise level when the camcorder was rotated at 1400 rpm was 69.5dB. This is the noise level equivalent to the noise generated from a dishwasher or shower, not annoying. When the machine pushes the water down to the washing bucket, the sound of water is relatively small, the noise level is only about 60dB, equivalent to the normal conversation noise.

The washing machine runs quite smoothly, at the most noisy (squeezed at 1400 rpm), the noise level is 69.5 dB, equivalent to the noise emitting flowing shower or dishwasher.

When the machine pushes water down to the washing bucket, the noise level is nearly 60dB, which is equivalent to the talk noise.

Showu fruit lsch: To check the level of cleaning of the washing machine, VnReview used the same test with the evaluation of the previous UltimateCare 500 washing machine: use a white shirt and dirty it with the kind of hard-to-remove solution even when Hand rubs such as chili sauce, ketchup and soy sauce in areas where it is difficult to thoroughly clean such as collars, sleeves, armpits.

The washing mode we choose is 60 minutes daily washing and mixed washing mode. The results showed that all the stains on the white shirt were thoroughly cleaned in both washing modes. The position is not as difficult as collar, sleeve, armpit, there is no residue left.

The shirt is dirty in many areas with everything from soy sauce, ketchup, chili sauce to fish sauce

The results after washing, the stains are no longer sticking on any position on the coat.


Not too much to say, the Electrolux UltimateCare900 EWF1141AESA washing machine has made us "overwhelmed" by the smart, convenient and effective washing it brings. Smart sensor SensorWash is really something users can expect from a high-end washing machine: with the simple press of a button, you can rest assured that your fashionable clothes will be taken care of. best. Besides, the highlights such as eye-catching design, healthy, smooth operation, little shaking … all add to the product, turn Electrolux UltimateCare900 EWF1141AESA is an almost comprehensive product.

At a price of more than VND 28 million, it is clear that the Electrolux UltimateCare 900 EWF1141AESA washing machine is not for everyone, but in return, you will receive the product with the essence of a brand that confirms the name. age in the market.

Washing machine video experience Electrolux UltimateCare 900 EWF1141AESA

The product currently has a reference price of about VND 28,149 million for the gray version and VND 26.49 million for the white version. Find out more products at: http://bit.ly/2GjN4kx

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