Washing clothes at 30 ° C is not enough to eliminate the flu virus
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Washing clothes at 30 ° C is not enough to eliminate the flu virus

For the planet, to reduce the electricity bill, to preserve your laundry … There are plenty of reasons to wash your clothes at 30 ° C.

However, when it comes to eliminating pathogens, washing at 30 ° C is far from effective. In any case, Anthony Hilton, professor of microbiology at Aston University in Birmingham (United Kingdom), who participated in the preparation of a report at the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene assures us. .
From an environmental point of view, [le lavage à 30°C] is definitely a good thing and it’s good if you just want the clothes to smell good”, Said the scientist. But “the temperature must reach at least 60 ° C to kill the germs responsible for life-threatening diseases“, he added.

Anthony Hilton and the other experts who contributed to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, are particularly worried about the confusion in which a part of the population is, between the fear of epidemics which leads to an excess of hygiene, and the fear of bacterial resistance due to our very hygienic society.

Washing clothes at low temperatures saves energy, but is also associated with lower hygiene efficiency. Such confusion could lead an individual to contract the flu, which can be fatal.”, Continued the scientist, a little alarmist.

That said, as a British heart risk association (The British Heart Foundation) has pointed out, the risk of death from a bad flu is particularly high in people with heart problems.

But generally speaking, these are allpopulations with weak or weakened immune systems, such as pregnant women, infants and the elderly, who need to be especially vigilant about the flu virus.

In addition to vaccination, washing clothes at 40 or even 60 ° C would therefore be a good way to reduce the risk of infection and to fight against winter viruses.

Source: Daily Mail

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