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Warriors return to Intel: Glenn Hinton – father of Nehalem, Sunil Shenoy – fixer of Tick-Tock


Also yesterday, Intel announced the return of Sunil Shenoy, now serving as vice president and general manager of SiFive’s RISC-V program. Shenoy also has many years at Intel and his biggest achievement is the Tick-Tock cycle. He served as the Vice President of the Platform Engineering team, responsible for processor design and SoCs for various Intel product groups. He also manages the Visual & Parallel Computing team, which is active in server microprocessor development, PC computing and many other functions. Similar to Glenn Hinton, Sunil Shenoy holds 16 patents for microprocessor and computer technology.

Returning to Intel, Shenoy will take the leadership role in the semiconductor segment. This position previously belonged to Jim Keller, but he just left Intel after two years working, Josh Walden is a temporary director. After Shenoy’s replacement, Walden will return to work full-time in leadership positions in Product Security (IPAS) and Security and Architectural Engineering (SAE).

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Previously, some analysts said that Gelsinger’s return as CEO will not work much now, he will need at least 3 years to change the current situation. However, Pat Gelsinger immediately changed many parts of Intel culture, he could sit with engineers to discuss product design – something Bob Swan could not. Pat also had the opportunity to rearrange the leadership structure and instill new beliefs in that structure, as this is what has caused many of Intel’s fighters to leave the company over the years.

From now on we see how influential Pat Gelsinger will be, even if it will be more than 10 days before he officially becomes CEO. Intel’s internal sources said that there will be many experts and architects leaving Intel in recent years to join rival companies such as AMD and Apple back. In addition, Gelsinger is also recruiting new people, such as Guido Appenzeller – who previously worked under Gelsinger at VMware, has just announced joining Intel as the chief technology officer of the data platform team. .

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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