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Warn you in advance of phone fraud

In recent days, I have been receiving many strange calls, the content is pretty silly and I think it is a scam so I want to share it with you to be more alert to phone tricks. Basically the content of the call is as follows: Some strangers called with automatic voices, claiming to be from the court. The reason for the call is presented that because I was sued and summoned several times but did not attend, I will be enforced on some day. Then this number dialed the number 9 key to meet the instructor for answers.

The first time I received was probably also out of soul, so I had to try it and this time I was connected to a person from the other line and asked me … to read the name, identity card and home address to check status check. I also read the name and part of the cmnd, now I realize that I turned into a donkey so I didn't read it and asked people to look for the numbers themselves (it's a bit stupid, not stupid …) . After waiting for a while, the person told me to borrow credit from Techcombank 48 million but did not pay !?

After that I asked which branch, when and said that I had not worked yet to prove my finances, so I could not borrow such a large amount of money, then the other party said it was a branch in Hanoi and faltered. know how to answer and ask me to hang up. And by this time I affirmed that this is a scam, when I returned home, I didn't see anything strange happening. In this case, I think that because I provide a comfortable phone number, anyone can call if I want to.

Then after a few days, I received a similar call, but I clicked to meet the other party and scolded one but not like the first one. So how to protect yourself against these sophisticated tricks. If the bad guys get your personal information, they can use it to do a lot of things that harm us.

  • Do not provide identification, home address or birthday information to anyone who does not know and do not trust, do not provide by phone or even online services if not reputable services.
  • Always keep ID card, CCCD on the side to limit the loss and expose too much information, easy to be used by bad guys to profit.
  • Limit the posting of things on social networks, for example taking photos of airline tickets or other documents and uploading them to Facebook in public, very dangerous. Or before we could easily find out the phone number from our Facebook account and vice versa, after Facebook saw this vulnerability, it blocked the feature to protect user information.
  • Don't share details about your bank account, payment card, … and don't follow what the call requires, stay calm.
  • Always be cautious when clicking on links, listening to strange calls and absolutely not providing information over the phone, as in the case of my @Nam Air mod saying what you want, send your letter or you can release yourself mandate to confirm.
  • If you are using bank cards, check your receipts regularly to detect irregularities in a timely manner and contact your bank for processing.

Hope you will be more careful and do not encounter these fraud cases, and if you meet, you will know how to respond.

Lê Phú Khương

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