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Warn many businesses to use images to recruit Vietnam for self-seeking

The Vietnam Football Confederation affirms that it is the only entity that owns the names, images, brands and commercial exploitation rights relating to the Vietnam National Teams.

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has just announced the ownership of commercial rights to Vietnamese National Teams.

Accordingly, the Vietnamese Olympic team is competing at Asiad 18 and successfully reached the semi-finals (losing to the Korean Olympic Games with a score of 1-3) to win the fans. However, VFF said that many organizations, businesses and individuals use names, images and brands of the Olympic team in Vietnam to do business and advertise their products and services but have not been written consent of the Federation.

“Any organization, business or individual that uses the names and images of Vietnam National Teams, without the written approval of the Vietnam Football Federation, is an act of violation. the commercial rights of the unit and take full responsibility before the law for the illegal exploitation of commercial rights related to the Vietnam National Teams “, VFF affirmed.

Vietnam Olympic team will compete in the men’s soccer bronze medal match against the UAE Olympic team. Photo: Hoang Ha.

VFF also requires these organizations and individuals to immediately stop the illegal use of names, images and brands of Vietnam National Teams.

In the coming time, VFF will take measures within its jurisdiction to protect its commercial rights in accordance with the provisions of law.

VFF also affirms that it is the only unit that owns the name, image, trademark and commercial exploitation rights related to Vietnam National Teams, including the U23 Vietnam team, the Vietnamese Olympic team. Male.

This is not the first time VFF has issued a notice confirming commercial ownership of Vietnam National Teams. Earlier, after the success of Park Hang-seo’s teachers and coaches at the Asian U23 tournament in China, a series of fuss about using images of players and teams to advertise for businesses happened. .

After reaching high achievements in the semi-finals of ASIAD 18, the images of Vietnamese U23 players are also used by many businesses, organizations and individuals to promote their brands.

Quang Thắng
* Source: zing News


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