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Warm Vietnamese Community New Year Dress in Indonesia

Xuan Tan Suu Community New Year in 2021 in the online form attracts 56 bridges with about 120 Vietnamese people living, studying and working in many cities of Indonesia and Timor Leste. Photo: VNA broadcast

Attending there are 56 bridges with hundreds of Vietnamese people living, studying and working in many cities of Indonesia and Timor Leste, and officials from Vietnamese representative agencies in the area.

In his opening remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia Pham Vinh Quang said that 2020 is a difficult year in the context of the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Vietnam. However, under the proper and timely leadership of the Party and State, the drastic direction of the Government and the solidarity and unanimity of the entire people, Vietnam has become one of the bright spots of the world. Both goals are to control the pandemic and restore the economy when it is done successfully.

The XIII Congress of the Party was successfully held, giving the country’s strategic direction to 2030 with a vision to 2045. The foreign affairs field also reaped many successes with Vietnam taking on its success. role as Chairman of ASEAN 2020 and Non-Permanent Member of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Bilateral relations between Vietnam and Indonesia have also made important progress. In the context of being severely affected by the epidemic, the bilateral trade still reached about 8.2 billion USD; the two countries have the cooperation within the framework of cooperation of ASEAN, the United Nations Security Council; organized many activities to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations …

Ambassador Pham Vinh Quang especially appreciated the Vietnamese community in Indonesia in the past year for promoting the spirit and will to rise, standing side by side with Indonesia to overcome all difficulties and challenges of the epidemic to stabilize. life and economic recovery, and said the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia always cares, supports and guides people in epidemic prevention, implementation of community protection work, and at the same time 3 flights brought a total of 405 citizens back to the country.

To send Tet greetings to all Vietnamese people in Indonesia for the new year of prosperity, prosperity and success, Ambassador Pham Vinh Quang expressed his wish that Vietnamese people in Indonesia will always support, trust and follow. Together with the country, the nation contributes to the cause of building and defending the country, the aspiration of a rich, strong and powerful Vietnam, holding an important position in the international arena.

Speaking at the event, Director of Economic Department of the ASEAN Secretariat Ho Quang Trung expressed his thanks to the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia for always caring and supporting the community; wishing to have more connection between Vietnamese representative offices in the area with people living, studying and working in this country.

Mr. Thai Thanh Long – owner of a Vietnamese business living in Tangerang city – said the Vietnam Business Association in Indonesia has participated in a number of exchanges and community support activities in recent years and wishes to continue. connecting and gathering businesses from all over Indonesia to exchange experiences, help and support each other. On this occasion, Mr. Long also wished the Embassy to care and help organize rescue flights for Vietnamese trapped in Indonesia.

Representing 18 households with about 50 members living and doing business in the tourism, restaurant and hotel sectors in Bali, Ms. Nguyen Le Thi Thuy Hang shared that before the COVID-19 pandemic, the community Vietnamese people on this beautiful island periodically organize once a month and expect to have a year-end meeting on February 11 (Tet 30).

For his part, student Tran Thien Nhan shared the difficulties and turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the plan to organize a common Tet celebration among members of the Vietnamese community in Bandung city on February 15. 4th of Tet), at the same time suggested the Embassy to have programs to promote Vietnamese tourism to Indonesian friends as well as to have more programs to support Vietnamese students in this country.

After the exciting, cohesive and emotional exchange and sharing between the members of the Vietnamese community in all parts of the “land of thousands of islands” and Timor Leste, the Community New Year program ended with perform and show vibrant, cheerful, colorful Spring music clips of artists and singers who have performed in Indonesia.

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