Warm-up event for the 30th anniversary of the Sonic series! Sega launches Sonic 2020 plan

Today, Sega announced the launch of the “Sonic 2020” plan, and starting today, on the 20th of every month in 2020, new news related to Sonic will be released. The event’s webpage has also been opened, with the link below.

“Sonic 2020” website link >>>

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今天 Today, the announcement of the “Sonic 2020” plan will be the first news of the plan, and Sega also released an art picture (shown below). The launch of “Sonic 2020” may be a pre-heating activity that Sega will take to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “Sonic” series in 2021. We will continue to follow the news of the “Sonic” series games and its surroundings, so stay tuned.

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